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Breaking News: Hereford’s First Hospital Admission Case of Coronavirus in Months

Hereford Voice

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  • Hereford Voice changed the title to Breaking News: Hereford’s First Hospital Admission Case of Coronavirus in Months
On 21/09/2020 at 10:51, Hereford Voice said:


We have received unconfirmed reports today that Herefordshire’s Wye Valley Trust have admitted a patient who is positive with Coronavirus. This is the first hospital admission in months.

#HerefordNews #HerefordVoice

GOSH!!! Who'd have thought that public health in this country was so ON IT, that it has seen fit to leak that there *may* be a Covid case in the hospital. At the height of lockdown my attempts to get the Press Office (for so it is called) of the hospital to give information about number of inpatients etc with confirmed Covid were fruitless. "No", they said, "we won't tell you anything useful about cases in the hospital, as that would be a grave transgression of the rules surrrounding complete and utter secrecy. We must keep the public in the dark about the scale of the problem. "

Luckily by keeping everything secret and not allowing anyone but the editor of the Hereford Times to be told anything about the situation on the ground, the vast scale of incompetence seen up and down the land in the last 6 months can be kept under wraps. Or at least, that is what they are hoping.

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