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The end of an era for Oswin & Co jewellers in Broad Street Hereford.

Oswins the jewellers has been in Broad Street for 130 years, one of the oldest established traders left in the city. Founded by William Henry Oswin in 1888, its ornate varnished shop front is certainly one of the last surviving examples of the many high-class retailers which existed in and around High Town, such as Greenlands and the furriers Augustus C Edwards. 

The beautiful iconic black gloss store which is a Hereford institute is closing down, but fear not! They are relocating to the former Jones bootmakers shop in Widemarsh Street and is due to open in July nevertheless, this will leave a void in Broad Street for sure.


What will become of this stunning building and Broad Street? 

The Green Dragon is in need of massive investment and is currently up for sale, the Sony shop is still empty, so is this street which is in the heart of Hereford part just going to be offices, banks and estate agents...

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It breaks my heart every time I walk past the Green Dragon to see the way it is going downhill. Time was when it was one of the jewels in the old Trust House group (before Charles Forte got his hands on it). Most English cathedral cities have one prestigious hotel that visitors can head for - whether to eat in or stay overnight. Except poor old Hereford!

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