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Political Correctness.


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What started as a noble cause designed and intended to bring help and protection to minority groups of difference has now evolved into a form of social engineering political correctness madness that's seen our society become obsessed with issues of gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

So engrained in our social awareness of this issue and its accompanying odd language that's been introduced to control our thinking and our expression of our thoughts or views, we've managed to rob our young children and young people of their carefree childhood and adolescence years before they reach adulthood. We've sexualised them and confused them all in the pursuit of the perfect world.

The consequences to this madness is instead of playing, being young and hopefully happy, our children and young people are mithering themselves about issues of sexual orientation and it's all been done and achieved by adults who've lost sight of one single inescapable humanity fact. Life ain't perfect and no one person ever is either.

Years gone by one was either heterosexual or homosexual. Perfectly normal in every single species. Whether it crawls, walks, flies or swims difference exists and there is nothing wrong in this. Nowadays we've labelled everything and everyone to the point where the Gay community have evolved into the LBGTQ community with their own flag and in most urban areas, their own office areas.

Indeed, if you simply focus on the lettering LBGTQ, this as much as anything supports my point about political correctness and the language applied to its aims. Not so long ago it was simply the Gay community. Now, so that everyone gets their own letter it's L for Lesbian, B for Bi sexual, G for Gay, T for Transgender and Q, according to the Internet is Questioning and or Queer.

The direction we are going, pretty soon, we'll begin to exhaust the remaining 21 letters of our alphabet to label everyone else who hasn't been aptly described within LBGTQ. There's an emerging group of people who now see themselves as Gender Nuetral. They'll get their own letter soon. One particular journalist activist refuses to acknowledge her birth sex of female and will not respond to the addressing term of Miss or Mrs. This person wishes to be addressed as 'They', which apparently adequately describes the multi layered personality and orientation traits that make up the whole of this individuals characters and nature.

Recently, two Transgender men have been engaged in a tabloid dispute regarding who gave birth to their child first. How did these two men deliver their child into the world in the delivery room? Because they both were equipped with a womb. Why were they equipped with a womb that allowed the foetus to gestate and be born? Because they're women. And why are these two happy men who've delivered their children into the world so worried about who gave birth first? Because our buggered up society repeatedly told them you are a man, a woman or whatever and whoever you wish to be and because of our social engineering creation that is political correctness, we'll see to it that you can ignore your breasts, your penis or ****** and be whatever you wish to be in our perfect world.

Course, not even the establishment or ruling elite who propagate and perpetuate this political correctness have managed to protect everyone in pursuance of their perfect world. Me! Being male, white, English and heterosexual, I fall outside their areas of interest that now leave me alone, afraid and very unprotected by the evils of man, woman and those who are gender neutral.

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