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Funeral of Flt Lt.John Ellis DFC


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This is being circulated by SSAFA HEREFORDSHIRE and other Vet Groups.




We have had a request from the Welfare Officer at the Barracks asking us to attend the funeral of a John Ellis DFC who has no family to attend. He only has a sister who is in her 90s and is not well enough to attend.


John Ellis was a Pilot Officer serving on 466 (RAAF) Sqn when he was awarded the DFC and rose to the rank of Flt Lt and remained in the RAF until around 1960.


Please can we pass the word around and try and get as many as we can to attend his funeral.

Mrs Ubique and I will be attending plus others from local Veteran Groups


The funeral will be held on Thursday 8th June 2017 at 13:30 at Hereford crematorium.


Thank you.

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Update ........initially it was thought that only near neighbours would attend the funeral - total 12 .


Using the Press and Social Media plus of course other forms of communication I would guess that as well as the 150 seated there was another 100 / 150 standing plus 10 Standard Bearers . The attendees included the majority of Military Charities , Serving members of the Armed Forces , WMP ,Veterans from all 3 Services and members of the Public .


It was a super send off to this Veteran who won the DFC at the age of 20 .

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