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Guy Verhofstadt.


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During a recent interview on Newsnight, Verhofstadt deliberately or by accident revealed himself to be exactly how he's portrayed by the tabloids and even some of the broadsheets. A slavish follower of Federalism!

Shockingly, he blamed every single problem the European Union had on just three key things. President Trump, President Putin and immigration from across the Mediterranean. For him, and I'm guessing he speaks for Juncker, Schulz and Tusk, he hadn't even considered that the Union itself, the way in which its constructed and the social, political and economic models it follows were problem number four and that Brussels itself had caused and resulted in widespread discontent right across the full geographic area of the Union.

Indeed, rather than even consider changing course, watering down their expansionistic policies and appealing to the millions of citizens who want change and plead for a little patience and understanding, this mad and deluded gap toothed crazy federalist even said that the current model of governance from his home country Belgium was 'Not Fit For Purpose'.

Alarmingly, he explained that having to negotiate the will of Brussels with all of its 28 member states was a hindrance to the federal aims and the answer will ultimately be to end this democratic system and give the member states less say and transform Brussels into a single ruling totalitarian body that governed all with one voice, one currency, one law and one single aim. In short, Verhofstadt prescribes more Europe rather than less.

For those of you who don't follow Brussels as closely as I do, Verhofstadt is the chief EU Brexit negotiator who promises that, and I quote him, 'they're(The British)rats leaving the sinking ship', and the British Government will not under any circumstances undermine the solidarity of the Union unless it accepts its principles of Free Movement Of People.

It's going to be a hard Brexit. This fella Verhofstadt doesn't care about the damage a bad trade deal will have upon jobs of mainland Europe. All he wants is to punish Britain and ensure that no other member state ever plucks up the courage and contemplates doing as we've done and request to leave the EU.

Finally, to those of you who voted to Remain, and I understand your reasoning, hypotheticaly speaking, if we weren't in the Union, would you today, given what you now know, vote to join the European Union?

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