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Charles De Gaulle was right! And I wish Reagan had kept his mouth shut!


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When, in the early nineteen sixties he vetoed Britains application to join the Common Market he said, 'No! The British are far too insular and much to maritime to join our Union', he was right.

We are an Island Nation and we are far to proud and patriotic to be a part of this massive surge to create another Neo Communist expansionistic Empire that's intent on creating yet another perfect political atmosphere to cause war between them in the East and us in the West.

And at the very heart of De Gaulle's objection to us then and is still today very much alive and well is their envy toward us and our heritage and history. You see it's an historical accepted truth. It's much much easier to forgive and befriend the aggressor and your conqueror than it is to forgive your liberator.

And that's Great Britains problem! The French and many other European mainland nations can sooner forgive and forget the sins of Germany than ever they can in forgiving both Great Britain, The Yanks and the Russians from liberating them from their capture and servitude to the Germans following the end of hostilities of World War Two.

It's true. Every single European nation that was liberated from the German aggressors by the British and the Russians are never forgiven. Charles bloody De Gaulle hid in London for most of World War Two and despite Churchill allowing bloody De Gaulle the honour of leading the liberation march through Paris after their liberation by us and the Americans, still, even then, the barstard couldn't bring himself to be grateful for the British blood that was spilled in freeing them from their captivity.

And why are we in Britan so accepting of their angst, envy and dislike of us? Because we've become a nation of apologists. That's right! We are sorry for just about everything that's wrong with the modern world. GIve Great Britain a scenario that suggests that our foreign policy of decades gone by was wrong and we'll crawl on our knees begging for forgiveness and bloody apologise for it. It's become something of a national pastime of ours. Whether it's the carving up of Western Europe and Eastern Europe after World War Two or our colonial historical activities in the Middle East or some other conflict in the World, it's we the bloody liberators that are the ones who get the blame and are required to say,'we are bloody sorry'.

I mean, your bloody Russians! Over twenty two bloody million of them lost their lives fighting to liberate themselves and East Europe and what thanks do they get for their labours and their sacrifice? Bloody none! They're in the same rotten boat as us. They are the liberators and because they are the liberators rather than the conquerors, the rest of Europe that gave in, surrendered and helped build the Death Camps to exterminate six million Jewish people, they hold them Russia and us Britain in the same contempt for fighting and not giving up.

And finally, if only President Reagan had not said, 'Tear down that wall Mr Gorbachev', this world would be a much safer and stable place. If that monstrous partition of a wall was still in place then my Country would not be having its Referendum because of the bludgeoning impact of millions of migrants. We would have our missiles aimed at them and theirs at us and every four bloody years we'd all get together at the Olympics and try to compete against one another in Track and Field events whilst one or the bloody other was doped up out of their minds on anabolic steroid drugs that'll eventually see a man or a bloody woman being able to jump over the roof of my house or run the hundred rotten yards in eight seconds.

They were happy times. Yes indeed'y! We all knew where we were and where we stood back in those good old happy days when that bloody Berlin wall was there stopping us and them ever meeting in some apocalyptic confrontation that's fast developing now as the mandarins of Brussels begin their dreams to have the Ukraine and Russia's newest enemy Turkey belonging to our happy gathering of member states who see the Slovakian nations as the new battleground to deploy the European Army troops for the next fifty years of our second Cold War.

And it's coming. Pretty soon, if we don't vote to Leave the EU our British boys and girls will be deployed in some Godforsaken cold and dreadful Eastern European place ready to deal with the threat of Russia who'll want exactly what the EU wants. More land and access to more natural mineral resources as both continue their expansionistic policies!

It makes you wonder why we ever bothered fighting the Hun in the first bloody place!

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