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HC Confirm Tax Increase to Support Care Costs

Colin James

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Herefordshire Council has today confirmed that the total levy for Herefordshire residents is to rise by an average of 3.8% from April 2016.


This includes increases in precepts from West Mercia police (1.99%), Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue (1.96%) and town or parish councils (an average of 12.7%). The increase will mean a rise of approximately £5 a month for those living in a band D property. The Herefordshire Council tax increase of 3.9% includes a 2% (£1.7m) increase to support rising costs of adult social care for Herefordshire’s ageing population, which is supported by government and will be reviewed annually.


Funding from central government has been reduced by a third for 2016/17 (a loss of £9m from the council’s budget), however Herefordshire Council continues to rise to the challenge.  It has made significant savings since 2010, alongside delivering successful projects to boost the local economy including The Old Market retail development, the new livestock market, faster broadband and the Hereford Enterprise Zone.

Councillor Tony Johnson, leader of Herefordshire Council, said:


“In the last year, Herefordshire Council spent around £9million more on social care than it received in council tax. In line with neighbouring councils, we need to introduce an average total tax increase of 3.8%, which includes a 2% levy to support Herefordshire’s rising adult social care costs, as suggested by government.

"It’s never been more important for us to consider different ways to deliver services to achieve better value for money, to continue to grow our local economy, secure new jobs and homes, and to ensure prosperity throughout the county.”



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One of the most expensive places to park in the country yes that will boost trade i am sure we are the charity shop street of the country look at the fiasco with the butter market. this city is a disgrace the way it has been run to reach the level of debt it is in.It is nothing to be proud of .Now they are selling off the land stock good honest hardworking small holders will lose there business they worked hard to build up now to be lost because of poor management by a council that has never listened to local people but the council listen to consultants who have no connection with this city and the council pay them well for it .And what do we get white elephant after white elephant. 

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