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Summer Council 'Noise' patrols


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Sound advice and action on keeping the volume down

23 June 2015


From this weekend up to the end of August, noise officers from the environmental protection team will be out and about the county on Friday and Saturday nights as part of the launch of Herefordshire Summer Noise Awareness Campaign. Funded by a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner, noise officers will be on call into the early hours of the morning monitoring noisy hot spots and investigating noise complaints.


Up to a 1000 noise complaints a year across the county are made to the environmental protection team, with a 50% increase over the summer months. The majority of these are about loud music, parties and barking dogs.

Noisy equipment that is audible from businesses can also cause complaints, especially if they operate through the night.


Marc Willimont the head of development management and environmental health said “We accept people have the right to enjoy themselves and some noise is inevitable in work and home activities. However we are asking that residents and businesses consider the noise they are generating and think about how excessive and prolonged noise could be affecting their neighbour’s quality of life.â€


 â€œWhether it keeps them awake at night when they have to be up early for work, or stops them enjoying life at home during the day, noise can be a real problem. Simple steps such as informing neighbours of a planned party or leaving contact details if a barking dog is going to be unattended can prevent complaints and mean you can be contacted directly if any problems arise.â€


“Fortunately, most residents and businesses in Herefordshire are considerate of their neighbours, but we will take firm action against the small minority who persist in causing noise nuisance. Where people refuse to comply with requests from the service to keep the noise level down, notices can be issued. Non-compliance of a notice can lead to a criminal investigation and substantial fines in the court. The council can also seize equipment such as stereos and TV’s.â€


If you are suffering from excessive and prolonged noise disturbance during this time contact the team via the councils out of hours number 01432 260 000. You will be required to provide your details, the details of the noisy premises and how the noise is affecting you. Also access to the affected property will be required to monitor the noise. Excessive noise, duration and repeat offenders will be given priority on the night. 


Herefordshire Council

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