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The kind of thing that will happen when you vote tory


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There was a happy ending, but this was a near miss that could have turned out very differently, and ended up with hungry people being jailed for trying to feed their families.




It was very lucky that the judge appeared to possess a heart and a social conscience, unlike so many people out there who are too stupid to resist the wider aim of this Conservative government, which is to set people at each others throats, step back, wait, then step in and profit from the destruction and unrest that they have sown.


Shame on them and everybody who ever endorsed them.

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This story has at least restored a little faith....


Over a million people accessed food banks last year.


That figure alone makes me feel ashamed.


We need to do far more to change this. The gap between the haves and the have nots has never been wider.


In 2015, this should not be happening.

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