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A Mongrel Nation.


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Now your Pedigree dog is what it's says it is. It's a breed that's bloodline has not been tainted by any other species of dog.

Your pedigree dog, let's say its a Labrador, is cute, loyal, pretty thick lacking any creativity and for the most part all it wants from life is to be fed, watered, be able to lick its own testicles. It's only problem in life is its back and forth from the Vets, it's back legs start to go when it reaches eight and the poor creature often drops down dead before it celebrates its ninth birthday.

Now, your Mongrel dog is an entirely different proposition. Coming from its parents, who's ancestors were highly promiscuous beasts, it's DNA contains the traces of dozens of breeds and its development has been very different from its snooty pedigree Labrador that's not mixed with others of its species.

Your Mongrel is very clever, highly creative, resourceful and it's only commonality with its pedigree cousin is, it likes to lick its own testicles as well. Unlike the pedigree, the Mongrel is extremely healthy, it rarely visits the Vet unless it's infested with fleas and it lives for near on twenty years.

And that then pilgrims is why we in the British Isles are the way we are. We are by nature an extremely fortunate race of people. Invaded by the Scandinavian Viking horde, the Romans and the Normans we, the indigenous people of the British Isles are a nation of Mongrels.

Highly creative in the Sciences, the Arts and a huge raft of influences we've gifted the World, we are the way we are because of immigration.

In modern day Britain we are still reaping the rewards of immigration following the arrival and influences from Africa, the Sub Continent and the Carribean and it's this and our English Language that sees us at the top of the league of global creativity. It's no accident that wherever you are in the World you will listen to British music on the radio. None of it, whether it's music, a film, a play, a book or anything else that captures the imagination emerges from this tiny island nation and it's all achieved because of immigration.

The current wave of immigration that sees near on two million people originally from East and Central Europe now living and settled here? Well, like all the other passages in our history it'll eventually be good for us. The people from behind the Old Iron Curtain are highly educated, highly motivated to have a better life, they work and they work and they work and they are extremely tough and resilient and these traits in their national psyche will in time have a huge and positive benefit to us. It's inevitable because this is the way of things. This latest, and often bludgeoning movement of people from there to us will only ever help us and that's why I know that immigration is a great thing.

Course, people like me who are still intent on voting UKIP ain't tending to think, 'Hoorah! Thank you to the European Union. Hallelujah and Lord be praised! In about fifty years time we're really going to appreciate this'. Moreoften than not they're worried about the 'now' and why it is that our social housing, our public services and our way of life cannot cope with this onslaught of free movement of people.

Yep! Despite it all. Despite the obvious that immigration is a good thing for the prosperity, creativity and mental and physical health of a Nation, I still want out of this bloody European Union!

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