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Next BRPC Meeting - Agenda - Belmont Library

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The next Belmont Rural Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 4 December 2014 at the Belmont Community Centre, starting at 7.00pm. It is hoped that Natalia Silver of Herefordshire District Council will attend and finalise HDC’s proposals for the Belmont Library for 2015-16.

Currently available information suggests that, if the Belmont Library is to continue as it is now, there will a £7,000 to £10,000 in HDC funding. Which agencies, if any, who might be willing to bridge this shortfall is not established. Notwithstanding South Wye Community Association, the charity which owns the Belmont Community Centre, has made it very clear that, though they would like to keep the Library on their premises in the public interest, they cannot afford to subsidize it. A £2,000 rent reduction was imposed on the Association this year, and any further rent reduction might threaten the financial viability of the Belmont Centre.  SWCA has clearly indicated that a rent of £7,950per annum is required from the Belmont Library. The reader should be aware that maintenance & repair, utility costs, cleaning, and freedom of access to kitchen and toilet facilities, to Library staff and visitors, are included in this rent. Furthermore compared to the hire charges requested from the Centre’s other users the Library rent is already substantially discounted.

Taken from the Belmont Community Centre Website:


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