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Update on the my original post about Putson Flats


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Today I received a phone call from HHL about the updating of mine and other properties in the Putson district, it would appear that due to an admin error that I was one of a few tenants who did not  get notified officially about these works.  Had a lovely conversation where I was fully informed about why and when works were able to take place, and I was able to ask lots of questions.  All of this proved very helpful.


Without my original post on here which HHL picked up on, and via a little detection work tracked me down, none of this would have come about, so I am glad to have had a space where I could voice my concerns.


What did come out of this conversation was also interesting, though!  It would seem that they find it difficult to decide how to discuss future issues regarding HHL tenants homes with tenants, because past events haven't always proved successful.  For example when Ross Roads was due to have extensive works to the outside, they had open days where tenants could visit and discuss any concerns etc, over two days just 18 tenants went to the open day.


So whilst on this occasion HHL had made an error hadn't communicated with me, perhaps also we has tenants when given the opportunity should also where possible try and engage more with our housing associations.


Finally a public thank you to Lesley of HHL this morning, it was enlightening and much appreciated.



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