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HWFRS Submit Plans for New Hereford Fire Station

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New Hereford Fire Station proposed Illustration

Adrian Elliot of behalf of Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service have submitted plans for the proposed demolition of an existing three-storey fire station, training tower and associated ancillary buildings. Erection of a new three storey fire station, training tower, associated car parking and cycle storage, at-grade external training area, re-fuel facility, sub- stations, telecommunications antenna, vehicular access and associated works.


The existing Hereford Fire Station building was identified by Hereford and Worcester Fire Rescue Service (HWFRS) as needing upgrading, as it is no longer fit for purpose and does not perform well economically or environmentally.


Following a feasibility study carried out by Bond Bryan in early 2021, a decision was made to proceed on the basis of demolishing the existing fire station building and to build in its place a new building accommodating the same functions as existing. The proposed scheme is to replace the existing fire station building on the same site, which is a 4 storey 1950s building. The current fire station has ancillary buildings comprising of the BA training chamber, hose repair room, garage/ drill tower, temporary showers and water tank and diesel pump. The proposed scheme will demolish the ancillary building structures with the functions being accommodated within the new building. It is proposed that the water tank and diesel pump will be located within the grounds of the new development, as well as a new training tower.

The current fire station and surrounding site is owned by Hereford and Worcester Fire Authority (H&WFA).

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