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  1. Businesses in trouble

    The Guardian, Sarah Butler Wed 11 Apr 2018 11.54 BST Lakeland's rateable value £73,500 maybe part of the problem although the Steamer Trading Ltd just up the road is paying £100,000 per annum rent and rateable value is £105,000 www.smithprice.co.uk/uploads/media/capital-markets/Hereford%20-%203-4%20Commercial%20Street%20Feb%202017.pdf
  2. £1.25 Million Towards Pot Hole Repairs

    Tucked away in General scrutiny committee Monday 9 April 2018 10.15 am Item 8 Work programme To review the committee’s work programme. Appendix 2 - 5 potholes - Scoping document 2018 , item 8. pdf icon PDF 344 KB
  3. Litter - A clean sweep

    In the Hereford Times today: I hope they have moved those bins in Cusop to a more deserving area.
  4. Litter - A clean sweep

    From Sunday Express 1st April 2018 Litter and you’ll be in another fine mess: Penalties for litter louts increase to £150 Let's hope those tossers read this.
  5. Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    On the plans it is shown as a retained passage.
  6. A place of worship in Eign St

    When we were fostering we had an Afghani boy with us who used to attend a mosque set up in the KIndle Centre. There is quite a lot on the net on the Herefordshire Muslim community trying to establish a mosque here in Hereford. See also.
  7. Latest information from Herefordshire Council website: Senior management team Director for adults and wellbeing Director: Martin Samuels Email: martin.samuels@herefordshire.gov.uk The Director for Adults and Wellbeing oversees: * Adult social care * Strategic housing and homelessness * Public health * Communities * Safeguarding and transformation Director for children's wellbeing Director: Chris Baird Email: cbaird@herefordshire.gov.uk The director for children's wellbeing oversees: * Safeguarding and social work services including child protection and looked after children * Children with disability social work services * Adoption and fostering services * Learning and achievement services for schools and colleges * Schools admissions and strategic commissioning of transport services * Special educational needs services * Early years services including children's centres * Integrated youth support * Parenting and family support
  8. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

    Any news on this problem?
  9. Not much to read in here.
  10. Obviously the Hereford Times and the BBC's Democracy reporter has not taken up his duties yet. (Applications closed 8th January 2018)
  11. In The Guardian 16th March 2018 For the whole of his life. Did he die?
  12. Hereford Bypass Meeting - Belmont Rural Parish Council

    Go straight here: http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=50025072&Opt=0 The submission of a Local Transport Plan Annual Progress Report is a condition of continued Government funding for capital transport improvements and maintenance.
  13. Let's hope they tarmac a decent surface down to Widemarsh Street.
  14. Motion for Eastern Bridge in Hereford Rejected

    He doesn't look happy.
  15. Pre Fab Bungalows in Beattie Ave to be Demolished

    145 car parking spaces should add a little character to the scheme. Is Beattie Avenue to still be a through route for estate traffic? I doubt it with the chicane in the middle with parking spaces. So a lot of traffic will be entering the estate via Hunderton Road under the old railway bridge. Beattie Avenue.pdf
  16. Motion for Eastern Bridge in Hereford Rejected

    Obviously a bridge too far.
  17. Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

    Southern Link Road Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) and Side Road Orders (SRO) detail here: Sealed_CPO_Complete.pdf Sealed_SRO_Complete.pdf
  18. Cllr. Jonathan Lester Elected Leader of Herefordshire Council

    I bet he can't wait to spend our council tax.
  19. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

    Colin what is the symbol †in past posts? Other examples  £140million today… It’s – Also note that there is no numbering of posts in a topic to refer to.
  20. Herefordshire Council LOBO Loans

    First noted on this forum on July 6th, 2015 following a Channel 4 Dispatches programme. See page 7 here.
  21. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

    Colin if you go to Land at Three Elms topic and hit "Add Reply" this only takes you to the bottom of the first page of comments.
  22. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

  23. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

    Colin is there any reason why the last comment on a topic can be shown on the home page instead of the initial post. This would make it obvious that there is a new comment without having to scroll through the whole topic.
  24. Land at Three Elms

    In The Guardian today: An overhaul of planning laws will give councils targets for how many homes they should build each year, taking into account local house prices, wages and the number of key workers such as nurses, teachers and police officers in the area. Higher targets will be set for areas with higher “unaffordability ratios”, Javid told the Sunday Times. If councils fail to deliver on the target they will be stripped of planning powers, and independent inspectors will take over. May, who wants to make housing her number one domestic priority, will say she expects “developers to do their duty to Britain and build the homes our country needs”. Under the plans: * Local authorities will be able to take into account how quickly a developer builds on a site before issuing future planning permission. * Independent inspectors will be given the power to take over decision-making in local areas if “nimby councils” fail to publish housing plans quickly enough. * Staff working for councils and hospitals will be given priority when public land is sold off. * Homeowners will be able to add two storeys to existing properties. So will Herefordshire Council go ahead with this development without building a bypass under pressure from the government or use it as an excuse to get the government to put the bypass on their priority list to fast track it. We will still pay the price whichever direction is chosen. Plus if councils fail to deliver on the target they will be stripped of planning powers, and independent (private?) inspectors will take over. Then this council will have no purpose, once adult care is fully privitised and as predicted will become part of the West Midlands Region of the EU and the death knell will sound for local democracy.
  25. Agree with you Ubique about the state of the verges and the complete disregard for other residents living in the street. The only criteria these motorists consider is how close to their home can they park. Where I am the problem is too many cars in the street. In one place they are parked on what was a grass verge and is now reduced to a strip of mud which is carried up the road when they leave. The latest trend is to park your cars in your front garden usually involving the removal of any greenery and to scatter gravel over the ground. It appears that motorists think more of their cars than the environment. I predict it won't be long before they park their cars in their front living rooms. Then they can just roll out when they arrive. The car spaces in the street will be lost as access to the properties will need to be maintained, so you lose one space but gain 2 by sticking 2 cars in your front garden - overall gain 1 space. The development at Keepmoat at The Oval uses this principle using proper hard landscaping, but the streets still look cluttered - not as shown in their sales literature - all nice and tidy.