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  1. Frank Smith

    Hereford Top For Drink Driving Convictions

    Rural locations many of these I notice.
  2. Frank Smith

    The Genius Of The EU and Stupidity Of People.

    It is only going to get worse, the sooner we can leave the EU completely the quicker we can rebuild our country and stop spending billions of pounds
  3. Frank Smith

    Hereford City shopkeeper fined for selling illegal tobacco

    Some proper Polish names there eh lol
  4. Frank Smith

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas one and all
  5. Frank Smith

    Burger king coming to Hereford

    I wonder where they are going?
  6. Frank Smith

    Freedom Church Cult

    Welcome to the forum acitizen76. This sect is often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Weird lot if you ask me and it all appears to be about money, did they take much money from her?
  7. Frank Smith

    Mee Mei Chinese Take Away, Freehold For Sale

    These people have been here for a long time, maybe they want to retire.
  8. Frank Smith

    A Fantastic Photograph of The Left Bank

    This is a fabulous photo
  9. Frank Smith

    Apologies for my recent absence

    Very painful, good luck Colin with your operation, hope that you will be back to full health as soon as possible.
  10. Frank Smith

    Green dragon sold

    Good news!
  11. This is a good idea and will stop all the negative things happening in there.
  12. Frank Smith

    First University academic building plans

    They are having a laugh
  13. Frank Smith

    The Three Choirs Festival Hereford

    Wonderful, we are going today
  14. This looks nice in fairness and they have allowed ample parking, not sure they need 16% for disabled bays though. In a residential location surely a parking space is parking space?