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  1. Do Not Leave Your Dog In Your Car When It Is HOT

    I would probably do the same thing. Annoys me because people wouldn't leave a small child in the car so why leave their dog, no excuse.
  2. Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    I was at the Spur retail park yesterday and Halfords area has been cleaned up, lets hope that they keep it looking as good as it did this week
  3. Former Council Office , Bath St.

    More housing too close to the city centre, more traffic jams and traffic lights to follow
  4. Owner Maxii Mini Market Convicted for Selling Contraband

    I completely agree Alex
  5. Search & Rescue Underway at Aymestrey

    This is tragic news, I was only thinking today that we had not seen any updates. RIP
  6. On Street Pay and Display parking

    It is still not good
  7. A place of worship in Eign St

    If you are referring to my previous post, I merely pointed out that this looks like it could become a mosque, personally, I am not sure Hereford is ready for a mosque, especially in this location, just my opinion. There were plenty of people complaining about the Freedom Church so I do not see what the difference is here. This location is totally wrong in my view.
  8. A place of worship in Eign St

    I think this is going to be a mosque, looking at the prayer times
  9. Hereford Bypass Meeting - Belmont Rural Parish Council

    Personally, I think a bypass is a must! So are the extra houses, the problem is that there are only two main roads into Hereford from the south and the same from the north, unless they start knocking down houses along these routes to make another carriageway or additional roads into the city (which probably will never happen) then there is nothing that can be done. A bypass will however remove quite a lot of the traffic currently going through the city.
  10. Professor Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

    May this man rest in peace, he certainly deserves too.
  11. Blue Badge Fee Waived for Ex-Forces

    This is good news, well done to the council for supporting our ex-forces, we do not look after them enough. 'Thank you for your service'
  12. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    I hope the police catch these scumbags
  13. Hereford Voice Upgrade and Changes

    Thank you for all the updates, it is all looking nice and fresh
  14. The Ship Inn Proposal

    I am surprised that Hereford Housing never purchased the cottages to make the new apartments go all the way around, there is a fenced off area where Ray Bubbs used to be full of weeds that have now turned into mini trees it looks a right eyesore.