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  1. Hereford Bypass Proposed Routes and River Crossings

    Looking at the still of the video at the top of this comment it appears that the different routes all pass through the area coloured red. Apparently that is all new housing proposed for the area through which this "bypass" goes. Can anyone please explain, why is it called a "bypass" if it goes through a large new housing estate? Who would want to by a house right next to a 60mph(?) road or dual carriageway? If this new road is to take 6,000 cars a day of the roads in Hereford why don't the Council build it well outside the residential areas. It would also allow more homes to be built for future generations inside the road area over the longer term.
  2. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    I agree that cyclists should be considerate when sharing space with pedestrians as they are the faster moving object. Logically cars should then be considerate to cyclists on the road. In my experience cycling around Hereford many road users are considerate (grey haired lady lit up like a Xmas tree) but you only need a few drivers passing too close & at speed to knock the confidence of a cyclist, and even worse knock them over. I have had a number of close passes and it can really shake you up. Along a straight stretch of flat road like the City Link Road cyclists can easily be cycling at over 10mph, and good cyclists much faster. The cyclists at this speed should really cycle on the road to protect pedestrians, and yet motorists will complain, (as in many other posts) that cyclists aren't using the "cycle path" provided for them! This is not the fault of any individual it is just really bad transport design and planning, especially on such a wide stretch of new road. I understand Herefordshire Council apparently promised the Government that there would be a safe cycle path along the length of the road, and yet it has not been built. I love getting around on my bike and it is much better for me and everyone else if I do so rather then use a car. However, my transport needs seem to get squeezed out just because I choose to cycle and yet I pay my taxes the same as everyone else. :(
  3. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    Well I hope no one here will complain about me cycling along the footpath here as the whole pavement is "shared space" - not ideal for either pedestrians or cyclists and very poor on a brand new road construction. I understand that despite the cost of the road there is no dedicated, safe protected cycle path along the length of this road despite the Council claiming that there would be one. An opportunity lost if Hereford is to become a University City - as students are very happy to walk and cycle everywhere.
  4. Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

    Wow Denise you really have a grasp of following the money! Is this teemin and lading legal when it involves public money?
  5. Planning Committee Approves Southern Link Road

    How can the Council afford this road? The other City Link Road was apparently going to cost £27million but ended up costing £34million, and that road is less than half the length of this new road. What is the point of it?
  6. Hereford City Link Road Video

    How does this help people who have travelled to Hereford to visit? Will there be special video displays before you enter the City? Whilst they have made a video for motorists, there is nothing what so ever for cyclists - it seems that unless you ride on the pavements, sorry "shared space" you might have to cross 3 lanes of traffic to get to the railway station from Commercial road side. I do hope the Cabinet member responsible for this piece of tarmac will open it by riding a bike along its length to test how it promotes active travel for all the new students expected to arrive in their thousands in the next 5 years.
  7. The New University - Herefordshire

    I thought when the Council moved out of Brockington that £ms were spent on improving disabled access, decorating the Council chairman's office, buying new desks for council meetings, etc so that the Council meetings could be held in the Shirehall. If they have just improved the Shirehall for Council functions, why then would they transfer it to the University? Does this council have no proper strategy for meetings and council functions? I thought that the Robert Owen school was improved at great expense to be taken over by the University when that came to fruition and as others have said that the Univ would have the Franklin Barnes Building - otherwise why spend nearly £2million on Blueschool House? Is anyone in charge at Herefordshire Council?
  8. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    If a 12 year old could cycle safely around Hereford many of you may find there would be alot less cyclists using the pavements as they would feel safe to cycle on the roads. I am not excusing their behaviour, but sometimes it takes a lot of nerve to cycle down the Belmont road or over Greyfriars bridge, when there is a pavement which the majority of the time has no pedestrians on. As I have said previously, Herefordshire Council are designing all new cycle routes so that pedestrians and cyclists are expected to share the same space. Many bits around Hereford are unconnected so that people like me are expected to cycle partway on the pavement, then into the road (quite a dangerous manoeuvre by the Newtown Rd/Grandstand Rd roundabout) and then back on the pavement. The worst cycle route is on the way to Credenhill which if you cycle out of the city requires you to criss/cross from cycle path across the road onto the main road.I usually just trundle along the road and avoid the cycle path as it is too dangerous to get on and off! The new City Link road when it opens apparently has no segregated and protected cycle paths, instead cyclists and pedestrians will be expected to share the pavement as the cars and lorries need the other lanes. Expect more cyclists on the pavements if this is what is being proposed by the Council on a brand new £27million road.
  9. Hereford Library 31 Broad St Project On Hold

    I am really sorry to hear about this. We must remember that this is the same Herefordshire Council who had so many plans and competitions for the Hereford Buttermarket to be refurbished none of which came to anything, as they had no money after giving away the Old Cattle market site. The Buttermarket got sold to a developer who has since sold it on again, no doubt at a profit. I am just waiting for the For Sale sign on Broad St. Like the rest of the County the library to be moved to the Halo Leisure centre on Holmer road or the Hereford swimming baths. They need to make up the overspend on Blueschool House somehow, and selling Broad St should just about cover this last overspend. Problem is there wont be anything left to clear the next overspend. This Council are ruining what little is left of all that was good in Herefordshire :(
  10. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    But isn't this what everyone complains about - cyclists and pedestrians on the same footpath? If you look at the City Link Road film along the route some of the residential properties front doors would open straight out onto the footpath. I am not a fast cyclist but imagine someone in a hurry trying to get to the station for a train - they will be going alot faster than a pedestrian. To avoid pedestrians the cyclist then has to cycle in the road and motorists will then complain that the cyclists aren't using the inadequate cycling provision provided. If they cycle on the pavement they pose a risk to pedestrians. This is why new roads are supposed to include safe and segregated cycling infrastructure and with 4 lanes there is certainly the road width to do this.
  11. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Like some other posters I ride a bike in and out of town as it is quicker than car driving and better healthwise for me and my fellow residents and I save £1,000s per year in parking fees and car costs. Like other posters I follow the Highway code and believe we should all respect each other. The minority of cyclists who behave badly should be dealt with the same way as motorists who break the law. However, perhaps we also need to ask why some cyclists don't follow the Highway code all the time and do things such as ride on the pavement. - a lack of safe segregated cycling infrastructure in Hereford as well as ignorance and little education on how to ride safely. I am not excusing the cyclist in Colin's video but if like me you have ever cycled over the old bridge with it's wide pavements and high kerb side car drivers have no room to overtake. These drivers then get frustrated because you are cycling and blocking their route. Cars come up very close behind you, blast their horn at you, etc. and when you are an older lady on a bike that is very intimidating. The same thing as someone else has said is cycling down Belmont Road from the Ruckall junction down to Tescos - I have tried cycling on the very poor surface on a number of times, having to stay away from the gutter to avoid the lethal potholes and all have I have received from motorists is horn blasting and abuse and telling me to "get off the f****** road". This is in the daytime at the weekend not at rush hour. I now cycle on this short stretch of footpath when I am in the area, though I get off if there are any pedestrians on it. I then avoid the rest of Belmont road and join the cycle path behind Belmont because this feels safer and there is space for both cyclists and pedestrians. Sadly the Council are spending £millions on new roads for car drivers and yet they have no money to make cycling around Hereford safer - they just put cyclists on the pavement with pedestrians. The new City Link Road is a good example - 4 lanes for vehicles and yet no space for a cycle path in the £30million project.
  12. Junction Changes at Station Approach Hereford

    Did they say which year? Herefordshire Council cant be bothered about the value of tourism to the local economy then with the current road layout right in front of the station. Personally I think if I was visiting Hereford to consider opening a big business on Rotherwas I might think the place was 60 years behind the times as the first impressions of the historic City make it look like it has just been bombed by the Luftwaffe. Not finding a route out of the station I would just turn straight back around and get back on the train!
  13. Junction Changes at Station Approach Hereford

    Thanks for these Denise - it looks like there is still alot of work to be done. When is this road opening? Also, can anyone tell me what is supposed to be happening about the "Transport Hub" which I thought was being designed outside the railway station? These latest aerial pictures just seem to show huge areas of tarmac - not just the new road but endless car parking around this whole area. Yet when I cycled recently to the railway station there were just 5 bike stands outside, all of which were full. Any chance of any trees to make the area look a bit nicer and less like a huge industrial wasteland ?- or is this how Herefordshire Council will now be marketing our historic City - the land where the money ran out?
  14. Hereford Medieval City Walls Left To Ruin

    Colin I am sure there are many like me who really appreciate you highlighting and trying to so something about the neglect of our City Walls . I have often enjoyed visiting Chester (I know their walls are still substantial) and the City walls not only give the City a sense of place and its history, but really attract tourists. Anyone visiting Hereford would have no knowledge that we have City Walls. I'm sure Councillor Johnson and others on Herefordshire Council have little knowledge of Hereford and most probably don't even know that the walls exist. Ref that section of Gaol St I dont know why cars are permitted along it. I think it would make a nice safe cycling and pedestrian route, and this would help keep safe those who have imbibed rather too much in The Barrells and risk falling in front of a car!
  15. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Colin there are often bad cyclists as there are bad motorists. I have seen the behaviour of bad cyclists in London but this is not the majority of cyclists and certainly doesn't apply to many biking around Hereford. In the last few months cars and vans have been used as terrorist weapons to kill and maim people but I do not claim that all car drivers are terrorists! However, a bad motorist will do more damage than a bad cyclist. Cyclists are not permitted to ride on non designated pavements. Likewise, cars aren't permitted to drive on pavements and yet how many times have pedestrians tried to get passed cars blocking pavements around Hereford. It is not unusual, especially outside schools to see parents having to steer pushchairs into traffic because cars are blocking pavements. As I said we should all respect each other, and to do this we should all respect Highway rules. I understand that The Highway code actually permits cyclists to cycle 2 a breast as car drivers should view all cyclists as if it were another vehicle and give them 1.5M clearance when passing.