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  1. Hereford Bypass Proposed Routes and River Crossings

    As I see it, they need to reduce the traffic in the city before they can introduce any sustainable means of transport. The only way to do this is to build a bypass/relief road or whatever it is called. Using the traffic counts from the dft website, nearly 45k vehicles use the Greyfriars bridge daily, if 15% of that is through traffic, then that would be 6750 less cars daily crossing at Asda roundabout - that's a lot of vehicles. This would then open up capacity for improvements in cycle lanes and bus lanes within the city.
  2. The sceptic in me says it has more to do with drivers being distracted with looking through the windows of the posh new flats they built than the actual view. Besides, the traffic is usually stationary or that slow moving you could get out and take a picture at certain times :)
  3. Cabinet to Consider Hereford Bypass Routes

    @Cambo - with this council? Think of a number and add 25% to the final cost - should be about right then :) :)
  4. Cabinet to Consider Hereford Bypass Routes

    @DILLIGAF - that will be the SLR, rather than the full "bypass" (in the loosest sense of the term) - although I suspect it will form the first part of the route they choose. Give it 20 years, and (if it has been built by then of course) they will be looking to upgrade it to dual carriageway.
  5. Hillside Rehabilitation Centre to Close

    We need places like this, unfortunately the funding isn't available for them anymore. My dad will be 85 this year, and needs constant care from my mum (who is 84) - she enquired about care if something happened to her, and she was quoted in the region of £900 per week!!! That is why we have so many problems, the care industry is allowed to charge what they like, effectively bleeding our elderly of all their savings. I know it is a difficult job, surely they don't have to charge as much as they do though? Especially when the actual carers are usually just above minimum wage, once again, the CEO's and board of directors take a big salary for eating biscuits and drinking coffee.
  6. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    ...and how are these people who are going to be living in the middle of the city going to get to work at Rotherwas exactly? By car is suspect, which will mean the whole area (and road) will be at capacity within a couple of years - another £34million wasted.....
  7. Articulated Trailer Dumped on A49 Much Birch Hereford

    I suspect the reg plate on the trailer in the second lot of pics is from the tractor unit that moved it, as the background shows industrial units. There is no plate in the first set of photos, so they at least had the intelligence to remove it before dumping the trailer. By the looks of the direction it is facing, it has probably come up from Ross direction, so I would have thought it would have been picked up on the road network cameras?
  8. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    Has anyone else heard the rumours regarding the Edgar Street end being too narrow and tight for HGV's to turn onto the link road? Seen quite a few people mention that they (the HGV's) are having to mount the pavement to avoid the trailer swinging too far into the other lane. Personally I have avoided that end of town for a while now, although nothing really in that area that I visit anyway (apart from Pets at Home once a month for some crickets).
  9. Ice & Snow - Take it Slow

    @Ubique - the whole car is a good idea. I saw a fairly new Audi yesterday going through town, all the snow cleared from the passenger side of the bonnet so the child in the passenger seat could see out (obviously in a child seat) but the driver was peering through a letterbox between the 4" of snow on his bonnet and the bottom of the sunvisor! Oh, and no need for fog lights either - it's not foggy!!!!!
  10. Parking Meters In Hereford

    They are set back from the kerb side for some reason (probably to make some extra revenue from fines)
  11. Old Market Gateway

    @ragwert - it will probably be another Costa....
  12. Hereford Link Road

    Do we know if they are naming this over priced stretch of tarmac? Probably end up as Johnson's Way (Johnson's Folly would be better) - or what about White Elephant Street?
  13. Hereford Link Road

    That's in the region of £42,500 per METRE - wow, time for some new calculators at Plough Lane!
  14. Misconduct at HC - one arrest

    So, why hasn't Mr.Bramer had his collar felt then? Surely ultimate responsibility lies with him to make sure that his employees are working according to the correct procedures? Although I suspect him and Teflon Johnson will get away with it....funny handshakes and brown envelopes aplenty
  15. Misconduct at HC - one arrest

    I do like the bit on the BBC H&W feed - Tony Johnson knows about it and can't comment, he probably used her as a scapegoat!!