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  1. There are too many opposing views and too much opportunity to delay anything until the next electoral cycle. It just won’t happen, regardless of it’s merits. Follow the A465 from Merthyr and when you get to Herefordshire it is single file at Llangua - Here You Can - really? What credibility does Herefordshire Council have now with the agencies supposed to fund any improvements anyway. The newts can sleep soundly.
  2. The County has never been able to rally around a strategic vision for it’s long term infrastructure and development. This is a centuries old shortcoming of the county that has always been comfortable in the slow lane while rival cities have moved past us in terms of connectivity and associated economic prosperity. Does the councillor agree that hereford needs to be administered by a larger and more detached governmental entity. One able to take and stick to decisions with long development and delivery horizons.
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