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  1. Thats very kind of you ragwert I appreciate it - unfortunately the notice in your photo isnt the one I am after, and isnt focussed enough to read from the photo - I need to find the instructions on how to pay which are not on a yellow notice but on the payment machine near the entrance, with its back to the street. The machine has a keypad to enter the car reg number into. John
  2. As a recent first time visitor to Hereford is there anyone out there who can lend a hand? On a very wet weekday recently I struggled, no doubt like many others, to find a parking place near the City centre. Eventually finding a (hugely expensive) space in the Little Berrington Street NCP park I was beaten by the confusing payment instructions and took my car away to a more remote place to park. Sadly NCP chose to issue me with a parking fine, or notice as they like to call it. I want to appeal the notice, but NCP now refuse to tell me what the payment instructions were on display on the p
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