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  1. On 05/11/2020 at 10:11, ragwert said:

    Absolute nightmare for my elderly mother.
    We moved her into her flat on 6th Oct and I was in the middle of installing a new kitchen when we had a phone call from Estate agents on the10th Oct telling us to stop what we were doing and to get out of flat and hand keys back as their had been a huge error in the buying process by our solicitor.
    I was thinking. Ok,a few days and we would be back in flat.......It's now 5th November,lockdown,she is still homeless and 'sofa surfing' between families.
    She is on medication because she cannot sleep and has just been put on anti depressents by her Dr.
    She has been treated apallingly by certain solicitors and has been left homless though no fault of her own.
    We now have lockdown and she has a medical condition & is elderly which meams she needs to self isolate which she cannot do.
    Everyone involved in this process is saying they know what my mothers predicament is and they are trying to end this nightmare as quickly as possible but me and my family dont see this.When it comes to solicitors there is no care and compassion at all.

    Yes same for us with my parents, so difficult for many families. 

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