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  1. It’s all about terminology. What sort of camera is it?? Safety. Designed to put people off to reduce risk of accidents speed To enforce the speed limits Money maker Make money off people looking at possible dangers on the road instead of looking at their speedo IF THIS WAS EVER ABOUT SAFETY. HOW COME NONE ARE BUT IN 20mph zones by schools. Becuse they won’t make any money. Tony
  2. . Yes there is a meeting at the courtyard 14-15th September 10am-7pm I've had lots of contact with Hereford planning, alum Griffith's and Beaty belfour Tony
  3. Yes I've seen the two purposed plans at the last consultations. Meeting at Hereford United. I was shown to plans. This is due adding a filter lane. And pedestrians crossing to the me road. Plan 1 meant than on evenings and weekends the legal parking places would reduce from 22 to 10 car places Tony Plan 22 down to 11 places.
  4. Hi The EDGAR street grid are planning to remove over 55% of or off street paking when the EDGAR street grid takes place. During the day we have 10 parking places but from 6pm-9am we have a further 11-12 places. Ideal for the workers coming home. They want to make Prior street be two way for bikes and we loose 11 spaces. Where are are the residents going to park when Edgar street park closes where are those people park the cars??! Anywhere there isn't a double yellow line. Tony
  5. When I worked at BULMER all the timers were held on a server there. And no traffic lights worked off floor sensors. During electrical shutdowns the source code, data block "file" for the timers were unavailable and the lights worked off the floor sensors. Making it great to travels at night time. During the day the system of timers is fairer. In my humble opinion. Tony
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