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  1. Have they the right to ask for name and address - to send letter - or fine on the spot. I only ask as I thought it was only a Police Officer that could ask if committing a crime or a traffic offence! Might be wrong!

  2. Thanks Bobby,

    I went to B & Q this afternoon and purchased said lump hammer. I've left the label on, so after a few attacks I'll take it back so nobody will know. Many thanks for the paint stripper idea but being safety minded, running out into the street dressed in a Tyvex suit, goggles, green wellies and periwinkle blue gloves would indeed bring on the sectioning that you mention. That said, a few days rest, three squares a day and a game of trumps with other inmates sounds somewhat appealing. 


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  3. Probably showing my age, but when I learnt to drive you were taught not to park on corners or opposite junctions. As I live on the test "Route", I am incensed by the sheer number of Driving Instructors who have their pupils pull up anywhere! Surely part of the Highway code is to have respect for other road users. People park where you cannot see round the corner and even facing the wrong way i.e.  towards oncoming traffic when they have to pull right out before they can see if the road is clear. Oh, and why can't people be taught that the spare stick on the steering wheel works those funny coloured lights on the corners of their car! 

    From a grumpy old bloke who holds an Advanced Licence and HGV +C.

  4. On ‎23‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 20:23, ragwert said:

    After a little bit of digging I have found that the Uni Campus looks set to be built on the Station Approach car park.
    The car park will be closed from August 28th til September 7th for intrusive ground surveying.

    See here

    I would have thought that it would take more than a "little bit of digging" with your bucket and spade to build a UniverCity complex!:Surprised_32:. LOL.

  5. So, I see a dog having a poo, and the owner does not use a bag to pick it up. I have no authority, as a member of the Public, to ask for their name, address or phone number. So besides a Police Officer or Council representitive being there at the time, what will happen? BTW, you do not have to give your name to anyone except a Police Officer who is a Traffic Officer, or one who believes a crime has been committed. What a bloody waste of time!

  6. It's always a good idea to make yourself visible on the road, day and night. I carry three Hi-Vis padded jackets in the boot of my car in case of a breakdown, especially on a Motorway, when you may have to leave the car and wait outside. As regards the incident, said gentleman lived opposite us and we have had two visits from West Mercia's finest. He had issues, yes, but was known to the local community and even given meals. Tragic.

  7. There speaketh the council, Trust us! We know a better way, talk - talk and do nothing. Or spend £37,000,000 on a road that is empty and blocks up all the others. As an aside, who the heck was responsible for setting the traffic light sequences? Absolute shambles. It's no good saying "we will monitor the traffic flow and adjust it." Get it right first time!! 

  8. Your quote:-

    . "When I was eventually given space to reverse off the drive I was unable to see down the road to see if anything was coming the other way as the vehicles were obscuring my view,"


    Without incurring your wrath, and raising your blood pressure anymore, and, God forgive, getting a face full of cooking oil, I would humbly mention that it is illegal to reverse onto a main carriageway - simply for the reason you mention. You cannot see what is travelling down the road! Same as parking to face oncoming traffic. You cannot see safely.

  9. What's the old adage?  Say somethings good to one person, if it's bad tell ten!  After owning four pubs that concentrated on food and real ale, I can positively tell you that all training starts with the management. Any failures then blame the idiot in charge. There is no excuse for the chefs/cooks or waiting staff not to understand the menu and what ingredients are in them. Not happy? Don't pay. Leave your contact details and argue with the Head Office, if it's a chain, or post it on Hereford Voice and let others decide if they want to frequent the premises.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen,   I am only 4 months away from retirement after service in the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy, and recently with a private security firm. I have met many people who have "retired" to Herefordshire. I, personally, feel that I want to retire to another county because of the self serving, egotistical morons in the county council. Maybe my tax pounds will be better spent elsewhere. Yours disgruntledly, Slim.

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