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  2. General Election results - Thursday 12 December 2019 North Herefordshire Chowns, Eleanor Elizabeth (Green Party) 4,769 Howells, Phillip Bernard (Liberal Democrats) 7,302 Wiggin, William David (The Conservative Party) 32,158 Wood, Joseph Rowan (Labour Party) 6,804 Hereford and South Herefordshire Coda, Anna-Marie (Labour Party) 10,704 Hurds, Lucy Ann (Liberal Democrats) 6,181 Norman, Alexander Jesse (The Conservative Party) 30,390 Toynbee, Diana Stella (Green Party) 2,371 The number of Ballot papers rejected was as follows a) Want of Official Mark - 1 b) Voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to - 16 c) Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified - 1 d) Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty - 189 e) Rejected in part - 0 Total spoilt votes 207 Percentage Turnout 69.2%
  3. Nicola sturgeon spotted outside polling station this morning
  4. Time for a bit of humor to cheer us up on this miserable day. I am talking about the weather, but is this how are politics are going to end up?
  5. I say that is an insult to a *** what about a bit of a dick!
  6. In June the Police refused a licence to sell booze at the Istanbul Food shop on Belmont Road here https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17715312.police-fear-shop-is-a-front-for-criminals/ I passed there today and it's now called Dino they have a Facebook page to promote their shop here https://www.facebook.com/Hereford-DINO-2249613591784869/?redirect=false Surprise Surprise they are now an Off Licence so why did the Police allow it now and not before.
  7. The Fire Brigade and other emergency services dealing with a house fire in Newton Farm. Waterfield Road is closed to allow emergency vehicles to gain access. The fire appears to be under control but fire crews continue to dampen down this evening. There is a lot of damage to the property and traces of smoke continue to come out of the property. Waterfield road is still closed at this time however, this incident is slowly being scaled down. Thankfully the people who live at the address have all been accounted for.
  8. Appears to be a lot of fires recently in the local news
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  10. Car in for repairs caught fire in an industrial unit on Red Barn Drive last night. I noticed a feint glow as I went into Euro car parts and thought it strange someome had a fire going inside the unit .
  11. Flying though planning?!! Never happens, unless you happen to be a councillor or a close relative or friend of one and, even then, although normal policies that us mere mortals are subjected to are set aside, speed of determination is never high on the agenda.
  12. I hope they get planning granted, make good use of this empty unit
  13. Plans have been submitted by the owners of Play Planet in Widemarsh Street Hereford for the proposed change of use to D2 (Soft-play) of central section of sub-divided Industrial Unit. (former Vision Gelpack Premises, Faraday Road, Hereford). It is understood that Play Planet have been looking for larger premises in Hereford for a couple of years in which to move Play Planet and expand and if approved will create an additional 25 jobs. The proposal is to change the use of the two central bays (1028m2 plus ancillary first floor offices) of the former industrial premises. The application building has been vacant since March 2019 following the former user entering into administration in March of this year. The building dates from the post-war era and requires significant investment to bring it up to current building regulation standards. In addition to maintaining existing jobs at Play Planet, the proposal would ultimately create around 25 positions, also a range of spin-off opportunities for associated businesses which might benefit from a presence at such as facility. Planning Application P194006/F
  14. Budget approved for Marlbrook Primary School expansion Plans to expand Marlbrook Primary School at Green Croft, have taken a big step forward as the council approved the capital funding to enable the project to move from the design stage to construction. Cabinet approved just over £6 million investment to provide new facilities at the school site. Rated outstanding by Ofsted, the popular school has seen a significant increase in pupil intake over the past few years resulting in the need to expand and improve the existing facilities. The school is also a teaching school and offers support and training to other schools regionally. The investment programme will see 6 new state of the art classrooms, a new hall, a special hygiene and physio room to make the school fully accessible to all learners. The project will also include new netball courts and improvement works to the car parking area. Completion of the new buildings will mean that the school can remove the current temporary classrooms from the site and pupils will be taught in permanent purpose built modern facilities. Contractors will start work at the school after Christmas with the aim of opening the new facilities to the pupils and teaching staff by spring 2021. Chris Baird, Herefordshire Council’s Director of Children and Families, said:
  15. Just seen that the long closed starbucks coffee shop has been let and so have the two retail units on the fire damaged site in High Town.
  16. Had my Jesse leaflet through the door now - surprised to see him claiming credit for "£23m investment under way at the old boys school on Blackfriars St by NMITE ..." Jeez, as if they haven't spent enough on the site already! It is, of course, (I hope) a mistake, but it's not good enough. Overleaf, he claims his campaign has won £23m of government funding for NMITE - a different story altogether. By coincidence he also claims credit for a £23m programme at the County. So how accurate are these and other claims?!
  17. Faux Facts - The disturbing Truth About fullfact.org It depends on which facts you want to believe. Personally I'll make my own mind up and leave others to decide themselves.
  18. That Lisbon treaty list has been debunked by fullfact https://fullfact.org/europe/viral-list-about-lisbon-treaty-wrong/
  19. Posted from Brexit is finished: Earlier than this, in 1957, E F Schumacher's tutor Leopold Kohr’s published his most popular work "The Breakdown of Nations" “… there seems to be only one cause behind all forms of social misery: bigness. Oversimplified as this may seem, we shall find the idea more easily acceptable if we consider that bigness, or oversize, is really much more than just a social problem. It appears to be the one and only problem permeating all creation. Whenever something is wrong, something is too big. … And if the body of a people becomes diseased with the fever of aggression, brutality, collectivism, or massive idiocy, it is not because it has fallen victim to bad leadership or mental derangement. It is because human beings, so charming as individuals or in small aggregations, have been welded into over concentrated social units”. How true this is today where systems are side lining the individual for the pursuit of so called efficiencies when in reality all they do is hamper, frustrate and ignore that person creating a futile environment.
  20. These catalogs of events reinforce my reason for leaving - Courtesy of Slog commentator Gulagirid. Notice the Brexit Party beginning to highlight EU military unification. The signing of the Treaty of Lisbon took place in Lisbon, Portugal on 13 December 2007. KNOWN OUTCOMES OF LISBON TREATY THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN AGREED AS TRUE BY ALL SIDES: 1: The UK along with all existing members of the EU lose their abstention veto in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty when the system changes to that of majority acceptance with no abstentions or veto’s being allowed. 2: All member nations will become states of the new federal nation of the EU by 2022 as clearly laid out in the Lisbon treaty with no exceptions or veto’s. 3: All member states must adopt the Euro by 2022 and any new member state must do so within 2 years of joining the EU as laid down in the Lisbon treaty. 4: The London stock exchange will move to Frankfurt in 2020 and be integrated into the EU stock exchange resulting in a loss of 200,000 plus jobs in the UK because of the relocation. (This has already been pre-agreed and is only on a holding pattern due to the Brexit negotiations, which if Brexit does happen, the move is fully cancelled – but if not and the UK remains a member it’s full steam ahead for the move.) 5: The EU Parliament and ECJ become supreme over all legislative bodies of the UK 6: The UK will adopt 100% of whatever the EU Parliament and ECJ lays down without any means of abstention or veto, negating the need for the UK to have the Lords or even the Commons as we know it today. 7: The UK will NOT be able to make its own trade deals. 8: The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade tariffs. 9: The UK will NOT be able to set its own trade quotas. 10: The UK loses control of its fishing rights 11: The UK loses control of its oil and gas rights 12: The UK loses control of its borders and enters the Schengen region by 2022 – as clearly laid down in the Lisbon treaty 13: The UK loses control of its planning legislation 14: The UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrent 15: The UK loses full control of its taxation policy 16: The UK loses the ability to create its own laws and to implement them 17: The UK loses its standing in the Commonwealths 18: The UK loses control of any provinces or affiliated nations e.g.: Falklands, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar etc 19: The UK loses control of its judicial system 20: The UK loses control of its international policy 21: The UK loses full control of its national policy 22: The UK loses its right to call itself a nation in its own right. 23: The UK loses control of its space exploration program 24: The UK loses control of its Aviation and Sea lane jurisdiction 25: The UK loses its rebate in 2020 as laid down in the Lisbon treaty 26: The UK’s contribution to the EU is set to increase by an average of £1.2bn pa and by £2.3bn pa by 2020 With thanks to ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ and Professor Steve Peers for their help. Looks like we are going to go down the plug hole if we stay in.
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