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  2. Well at last Theresa May has RESIGHNED this morning, not by her choice she met the chairman of the 1922 committee, and he said the other day she would be gone on Friday. Now let see who going to put their name forward for real!!
  3. BREAKING: Theresa May announces she’ll step down as Tory leader on Friday 7th June. Poor old girl did not care for the woman but by God she did give it her all and her supposed colleagues/friends have been real bastards and ******* to her
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  5. BCSunPolMidlands‏ @sunpoliticsmids 2m2 minutes ago More BBCSunPolMidlands Retweeted Philip Hammond Hereford and South Herefordshire MP @Jesse_Norman leaves his job as Roads Minister and is appointed as Financial Secretary to the Treasury. Richly deserved promotion for @MelJStride. Disappointed to lose him but I know he'll do a great job as Leader of the House. And a warm welcome to @Jesse_Norman as @hmtreasury's new Financial Secretary. We're all looking forward to working with you.
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  7. Ignore it, as soon as you do anything about it you are liable ( Google it) They will get bored with chasing eventually.
  8. I took photos of all four machines showing the message 'Not in use'
  9. Well folks the big day is tomorrow and I will be voting for the Brexit Party. I have decorated the front of my home so no one is in any doubt
  10. I am certainly not being disrespectful to anyone. I was merely stating the facts about the application for others that might be reading the thread. Clearly, you see different facts to me, and so I will leave it there.
  11. Aylestone voice... thanks for your support, it really annoys me when I hear people say that bungalows take up to much room on a possible new build. When I was a councillor and on the Oval Regeneration Group I asked HHL where was bungalows on the plan they said exactly the same as TWG, but I explained that there were elderly people living in 3 bed houses that could be allocated to families if they built bungalows, I also said I was on planning committee and if they didn't consider bungalows I would vote against the application, they come back with an offer of 8 bungalows, I told them I wanted 16, they agreed, hence the bungalows near to the Oval shops. I have a reputation of speaking my mind please or offend, but people know where they are with me. So if anyone is disrespectful to elderly or disabled people I come down on them hard. I* am telling everyone on here for future reference!!!
  12. TWG the lesson here is that despite what it says on the planning application it is best not to argue with Glen!!
  13. twowheelsgood ... you are WRONG,! I was invited in to one of the residents home yesterday and I saw the plans (not yet agreed by council) and there are 12 not 24 bungalows, and they ARE NOT A POOR USE OF LAND they are no bigger than the ground floor of a 3 bed house. insidently Beattie Ave has always been for elderly, disabled children and adults accommodation with the exception of 14-16 houses across the Hunderton Road. I was born in Hunderton so I know what I'm talking about. Maybe when you are elderly you will be looking for this type of accommodation or someone in your family, the elderly are entitled to live in these bungalows!!!
  14. There will be 24 bungalows (1, 2 and 3 bed), and 47 houses (2 and 3 bed) as per the planning application. Whilst they have their benefits, bungalows are a poor use of land generally, and some of the bungalows here are chalet with rooms upstairs to address that.
  15. Roger..., I went to see the residents yesterday afternoon they tell me the back gardens on right hand side are being used for 10 new bungalows in a small area at the top of the road by the old houses and 4 on the other side the rest are 1,2,3 bedroom houses. The build has gone out to tender, but the plans have not gone to planning as yet. While I was there workmen were putting mettle grids on the windows and doors of the empty prefabs.
  16. A bit of a luxury with the housing squeeze. Especially if it's quite a relatively large garden.
  17. I guess that what you did was walk to the Customer Services in Morrisons and told them plus paying a £1 for two hours parking ? LOL Don't answer that it might just incriminate you !
  18. I parked there yesterday about 6pm to take my grandson to A&E.Not one of the ticket machines was working.
  19. Roger... the people range from 50 to 85 with three of them disabled in wheelchairs, there was a family with disabled teenager and the bungalow had to be extended to the rear of the property, some needing 24 hr care. The prefabs are 60 years old but they were well maintained and spacious inside, and had beautiful gardens, well maintained by the more agile tenants.
  20. They loved them as it was a roof and what they were used to. The structures were past there sell buy date. I don't know the age of the residents' but if they are old they probably don't need disruption.
  21. Who is the least worst Candidate standing for South Hereford in the next General Election? Too early to say. The Election may be called earlier as well. I agree with the FPTP electoral system but it is heavily skewed against Candidates without cash.
  22. I use this shop virtually every day. The car parking is an ANPR camera system. Third party operator. I have never bought a ticket in that supermarket car park. Only had one penalty ticket which alleged I had parked overnight. I got let off as I was innocent. The store is getting serious parking abuse from casual parkers' tho. It's bound to increase with the student accommodation being built on the old Rockfield site opposite.
  23. I'm thinking that the Store will have a camera which records the time your vehicle entered their car park ( ANPR ) and another camera recording the time you left . i expect that there is a noticeboard board tucked away with the conditions you have to comply with , one condition might be that you must not stay longer than 2 hours maximen .
  24. Regardless of ones political affiliations, it is bad enough to have one Prime Minister walking into the job without any sort of public mandate, but it looks ominously like history will be repeating itself again in 2019. ANYONE BUT BORIS
  25. You should never vote Tory. All Tories care about are their Eton Banking Masonic Elite.
  26. I actually think you’re f.u.c.ked! If I’ve got this right, some kind person handed you their parking permit that had 90 minutes left on it. Nothing unreasonable about thst. You then displayed that ticket in the window of your car and then near the time of its expiry time you updated your parking time with a ticket you generated. if that’s the case and I’ve got it right, you’re on dodgy ground because the first permit that you displayed wasn’t legally yours to display. Albeit it was a kindly gift, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t your permit and consequently not yours to use. In short the tickets are not transferable and alas you are legally liable to pay the fine. Im sorry it’s not what you want to hear but that’s the way I see it and I’m afraid I’m probably right. Whilst handing one another a parking permit that’s got plenty of time left on it is common practice and a good neighbourly thing to do, it’s simply not valid because the original ticket was not generated by you for your vehicle. Me? I’d pay the fine and put this one down to a bitter experience. My warmest regards.
  27. Go to customer services. I got a fine through the post alleging I had parked there overnight! It got binned in 3 seconds!
  28. 'So the next British Prime Minister will be elected by just under 2% of the population.' ~ The method for selecting the Tory Leader is up to the Tory Party. I'm not a Member so I don't have a vote. If people don't want a Tory Prime Minister then don't vote Tory in 2022.
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