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  2. There are 7 main parties in the upcoming EU Elections 23 May 2019 with 7 seats in the West Midlands up for grabs. There are 49 candidates being put forward to represent the region. When people go to the polls, it will only have the parties on the ballot paper for people to vote for NOT the person. Based on the % of votes each party gets that will determine how many seats they have attained. Once the votes are through the Party Chair will choose which candidates get a seat. Of course if the government manage to reach a Brexit deal by the 22nd of May the vote will be called off. Here are the party candidates: BREXIT: Rupert Lowe Martin Daubney Andrew Kerr Vishal Khatri Nikki Page Laura Kevehazi Katherine Harborne LABOUR: Neena Gill Sion Simon Julia Buckley Ansar Ali Khan Zarah Sultana Samuel Hennessy Liz Clements TORY: Anthea McIntyre Daniel Dalton Suzanne Webb Meirion Jenkins Alexander Phillips Mary Noone Ahmed Ejaz LIB DEM: Phil Bennion Ade Adeyemo Jeanie Falconer Jenny Wilkinson Jennifer Gray Lee Dargue Beverley Nielsen CHANGE: Stephen Dorrell Charlotte Gath Peter Wilding Amrik Kandola Joanna McKenna Victor Odusanya Lucinda Empson UKIP: Ernie Warrender Paul Williams Graham Eardley Paul Allen Nigel Ely Joe Smyth Derek Bennet GREEN: Ellie Chowns Diana Toynbee Paul Woodhead Julian Dean Louis Stephens Helen Heathfield Kefentse Dennis Any of these local or linked to or interested in Herefordshire?
  3. The former Rockfield site was purchased for 6 million, a major sewer runs under the site hence the prefabricated student block. Please dont vote Tory and Libs May 2nd
  4. Yet another fly tipping case brought to the courts http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17599335.fly-tipping-family-must-pay-more-than-1000/?action=bulletin_click&sent_id=822651069&secret=772875&ref=ebln and another fly tipping incidence into the River Wye near to Bredwardine. This is all costing us the tax payer a small fortune. It is a great shame that the Council cannot set up a register of legit "scrap people" who have permits. The Council issue the permits so they have all the info to hand. Many people are innocently handing over money to these scoundrels to take their rubbish away and then it is being fly tipped in the countryside. Like a lot of other issues in Herefordshire this is becoming a ridiculous situation.
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  6. I reported this fly-tipping to the very slow moving Council Twitter Account. The person(s) tasked with running it must be totally bored! Anyhow .... I got a reply .... It was suggested to me that I needed to report the issue. I was then given a link to the Organisation who had just replied to me! So I could report it!
  7. I spoke to Brian about Brexit as it was on my mind. Not a local issue at all. He wanted to promote the house building at Kings Acre. Which is nothing to do with the foot long grass already evident in his Ward! Neglected! Rather like the Blueschool Street budget! Luckily I have denied myself an opportunity to vote! I never do postal voting and can't make the polling station for the vote ~ I'll be on a bus returning from Gatwick Airport ~ having obviously been in Barcelona!
  8. I wasn't in but Wilcox knocked at our door spoke to my partner. He also spoke about the bypass to her , changed subject to bypass from what she wanted to talk about. I wish I had been here to let him know his precious bypass is only going ahead due to the parcels of development land coming available when it goes ahead thus more earnings for local council. No use talking about Brexit as it is a national disaster not a local one even so I would have let him know his party are not fit for purpose .
  9. Very sorry to hear about your Dad - tough old times. But glad to hear you are very busy at work more tax being paid into the coffers to keep me in my pension - goodie
  10. He was very 'Political' in his exchange. Entirely pleasant. But devoid of substance. Other than his support for the pseudo 'relief' bypass which is really an access road for a shed load of houses that will clog up the City even more. My ears were virtually turned off anyway. He was back in my street last night (Wednesday). Trying to catch, I suppose, people who never answered the door last time he did his 'foray' into the small area he represents ..... I'm sure he drags himself out very reluctantly to try and get his votes'. But he is up against people who are toxic (UKIP + Labour) or unknowns. So he will cruise in again I think.
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  12. The car park on the former Rockfield DIY site will close at the end of the month in readiness for the start of construction of the new HCA & Uni accommodation in June.Work is also about to start around the same time on the new super surgery.
  13. I'm always looking in Denise although my posting is taking a back burner due my father being very ill and being busy at work.
  14. Goodnight Joe Grundy you were always a good one. Sleep tight. For those not in the know he was a main character in The Archers!
  15. Have not heard from Ragwert lately has he left the room?
  16. What was his defence of the Blueschool Street overspend fiasco or did he hide behind some spurious excuse?
  17. I bought a vibrating c0ck ring off the internet for next to nothing. It does the job and the wife is very pleased with it! Morrison's has branched out, in a very small way, into the personal leisure area but the choices are minimal. But the condom/lube choice is ok. As purchases on my loyalty card show! Anyone can see how a specialist shop, with ludicrous rates to pay, cannot compete with other places.
  18. If something is more 'profitable' at Ernest Jones then you can guarantee that it's cheaper on the web. Unless it's an 'exclusive' unbeatable deal. People without knowledge of, or access to, the internet are dying off so these high street type jewellers are gonna continue to suffer.
  19. Had one Candidate knocking at my door so far (College Ward). Brian Wilcox. I told him he was not getting my vote under any circumstances. I think his visit was on, or about, 15.04.19. He turns up every four years in my street! I also told him that I thought he would get elected. We agreed to disagree over the topics I wanted to discuss! I mainly wanted to talk about the Tories failing to deliver Brexit (off topic) and the Blueschool Street overspend fiasco. I may very well abstain from the Local Elections myself. No independent candidate has bothered to speak to me in person. Labour is obviously a no go area for a vote because the Candidate is running under a National Leader who is a Marxist lunatic. A total Danger to the UK.
  20. Fly-tipping at Aylestone Park that has been there for a few days ...... Photo taken today ......
  21. Looking at the approved Site Layout, although 'The Hub' building is shown, with its own parking and landscaping, it is specifically excluded from the application by virtue of the red line around it. This is confusing, because the supporting design and access statement says 'As we are proposing the design of the Hub on the piece of land at the junction of The Oval and Broxash Drive, the bus stop (shelter) directly of the Oval will be relocated next to the Public Open Space in front of Plot 153.' The Hub may be an intention, but it has no planning permission at this stage. A cynic might say it was put into the mix at the community consultation stage as a sweetener, and no one in charge (councillor, looking at you) has really followed through on the delivery. It's on my list to cycle the area to see if the approved cycling provision has been delivered. Why it's down the general public to do the job of highly paid council officials and indeed ward councillors is a question to ask any prospective councillors who may knock on your door.
  22. Belmont Avenue was closed off about half an hour ago after the junction with Belmont Court. There were several police vehicles parked on Belmont Avenue. They were turning back anyone wishing to drive further than Belmont Court.
  23. As far as I can read it, there is no definitive answer on provision of a "community hub" on the old site office. Maybe someone could clarify. There is also no secure cycle parking anywhere! Something about a biomass boiler also??!!
  24. Their Ernest Jones brand is round the corner selling the higher end/more profitable stuff anyway. Their assistants have to sell/upsell £xxx worth of goods per day or they get disciplined.
  25. atm63 best vote this time then. Not voting is giving your vote to the Cons!
  26. NumberP131390/O NumberP131391/F I think you will find that these are the planning apps that you are referring to. You can find either by following this link https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search Jesse Norman has quite often stated that he does not get involved in local planning matters so I would not hold out too much hope for assistance from him. The best hope of getting a local councillor involved is to collar the next prospective candidate. They love a challenge!
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