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  2. Does the Council and BBLP have a public email address. I can't find one on the council's website. They only want you to use their report forms which are not easy to use if you want to copy in other people.
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  4. Scheduled cut this week for Muir Close passes by again with nothing done. Makes a joke of Balfour Beatty strapline "Living Places"
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  6. As long as it takes to cut the grass in Muir Close - possibly never. Surely the church has insurance to get the work done and reclaim it from the other party's insurance.
  7. 7 months later and surrounded by ugly barriers the wall has still not been repaired! We took this photograph this morning, how long does it take to repair a wall?
  8. I agree. The Council do try and engage with a 'direct message'. But engagement Publicly on Twitter is better.
  9. Dilligaf, ask Jim Kenyon how he went about it, and I'm willing to help in anyway can, Glenda
  10. Martin, don't know about tree on left, but the right hand one looks like the tree they cut right back and its got its new growth in Waterfield Road, the tree stumps looks like the field behind Sherborne Close if so that's Herefordshire Housing land.
  11. Just awful - I would be tempted to send it all to the Daily Mail or some such daily rag. Our beloved Council want to spend millions of pounds on new roads but do not look after what they have.
  12. Regarding the state of the trees in this area here are some examples of creative topiary carried out by various unknown individuals in the area. They don't look right, but maybe it's me .
  13. I've never seen anybody or Phil Edwards cutting this area of grass. Today it's raining and the next scheduled cut is from 15th August to 21st August and the final cut 16th September to 20th September. Over half way through this year and nobody cares.
  14. I know its not been cut, but without sounding like a stuck needle BBLP refused to cut the grass when they saw Phil Edwards cutting it!
  15. Dilligaf, Are you talking about the play area by you? if so as a part of the Oval Redevelopment if so that belongs to Herefordshire Housing, ring them on 0300 777 4321.
  16. Martin he a member of Phil Edwards Newton Farmers grass cutting team (see the photo of them both on his election leaflet) BBLP didn't do a cut because Phil Edwards did it on his sit-on machine, although HC pays BBLP to cut the grass as a part of their contract with them.
  17. It appears the grass cutting schedule shows only 4 cuts a year. BBLP missed the first one, possibly due to the weather at the time. Obviously if they miss a cut they don't bother to come back when its dried out. The next cut is 15th July to 19th July. Wait and see if they turn up. No reply from my councillor from email sent 9th July. He needs to make a site visit to see the problems himself. Only 2 days left to react - any chance?
  18. How do we go about getting this off the ground to happen on our side of the river? JimmyK has been heavily involved with picnic in the park on his patch on the quarry with great success. Any suggestions welcome.
  19. It appears now that you need to go public and direct with these issues; ie social media with hash tags so that everyone can see them. I find Twitter is very useful. Except when they reply with a DM and you reply publicly so everyone can see too On a side note I have contacted Bblp with regards to unsafe play equipment. They said it's HC issue!! That was a week ago - it's still unsafe and in use!!
  20. I think the existing 'reward' for info is £10k. Up the reward. £10k is a derisory amount compared to wages spent investigating. The Police may know the identity of the killer but are short on evidence. Who knows?
  21. Keep digging ..... I expanded the debate. To demonstrate a wider issue. Environmental issues are widespread in the City Estates. The grip has been lost (by the Council) on necessary environmental housekeeping.
  22. Roger.... I was neither making a cheap forum and pedantic point, this story is about NF, the problem may widespread, but at this moment Megilleland post above is about NF so are all the pictures.
  23. Obviously you are trying to make a cheap 'forum' and pedantic point. The 'ongoing' grass problem is widespread. Not confined to an area represented by a certain Councillor. You knew what I was saying and tried to be clever. You need to get a grip. I will add, as you need it spelled out, that I contacted Kath Hey about problems 10 feet from my back gate. Problems connected 100% with the sentiment of the topic title above. The #1 post. No reply from a Councillor after a month has passed is 'failure' in my book.
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  25. ragwert


    Seen a 10 plate on the roundabout in hunderton yesterday.


    Too many people nowadays living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Then plead poverty when caught!
  27. Denise.... the meetings at the centre is for Belmont residents only. Newton Farm and Belmont are no longer linked together since 2015 when they changed the ward boundaries. The centre employs their own groundsman but only for the centre grounds.
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