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  2. The police don’t deal with the perpetrators effectively when caught. I was working security for a well known establishment in town. And the toilettes were hit. A week later I saw a melt spraying the same tag on a council bin in commercial road. As I had the cctv radio, I was able to call it in. He was watched and apprehended trying to enter another establishment. He had a black bag with 7 spray cans in. There was evidence of him committing the act. Evidence of the previous act. Yet the police let him go and no charges ever got brought.
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  4. Really happy to see something finally possibly happening with the new administration in Hereford. This lights out trial is long overdue. Hopefully we can also look at making some of the other traffic lights part-time in other words, turned off between 7pm-7am for example, pointless sitting on a red light at 3am when there are hardly any other vehicles around.
  5. Hereford the Awake! At last, a city with individuals at the helm with the gumption and vision to challenge the dysfunctional traffic system and adopt a progressive, enlightened approach! But beware. The rules of the road need changing. As currently misconceived, the rules promote neglect. How many drivers notice or stop for a mother with a toddler in a buggy waiting at the side of the road - the toddler at the optimum height to inhale the invisible toxic fumes that damage development and lodge in the brain, heart and bloodstream? It's nothing less than state-sponsored child abuse. To recoin Orwell’s phrase: all road-users are equal - and should take it in turns - but some are more equal than others. Drivers should give way to vulnerable road-users: children, disabled, blind, pedestrians in general. Not only are they vulnerable, they are non-polluting road-users. "No lights, equal rights" (Colin's phrase) sensitises drivers to the needs of others. When free to use our 'inner lights', we make decisions based on social protocol, rather than in blind obedience to a system that promotes abuse of our fellow humans. So in addition to deregulation, we need a programme of re-education. Also roadway redesign to express equality. This can largely be achieved through public meetings, media, and subtle signage. I look forward to working with John Harrington and helping make Hereford the first city to pioneer an enlightened, humane solution to most of its road safety problems, and many of its congestion problems.
  6. This is a brilliant idea and a no brainer, I cannot understand why it has not bee tried already.
  7. Bloody Quality Street in Tesco's already, its August not Xmas!

  8. Trail will be good if they can get it to happen
  9. The lights on widemarsh st/link road & edgar st/link road also need seriously looking at,they can no longer be kept on a timed loop.
  10. It has taken many years but we might just get our lights out trail now.. "When The Lights Are Out, The Traffic Just Flows"
  11. Yes, its bee na long time coming! Hopefully we will get our lights out trial!!
  12. Herefordshire council are in talks with highways agency regarding the turning off of traffic lights at asda island and Newmarket st as part of a trial. Discussions with highways agency could be as early as next month. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17851764.council-consider-turning-off-traffic-lights-ease-congestion/
  13. I have just got BBLP contractors to cut the garage strip mentioned above. They said the verge isn't on their list, but it only took them 5 mins to strim it. These separate bodies - Muir Housing, Herefordshire Housing and BBLP need to get together and sort out this grass cutting and street maintenance . It is a pity that for the large open space Argyll Rise that they don't collect the grass so the area is suitable for families and children to play on - it just looks a mess. The verges on the estate roads are also neglected. It is amazing that such basic maintenance can't be done with a sense of pride. These organisations have got personnel within them who should get out of the office and walk round and check the state of these blighted areas.
  14. I think it has come down to a do it yourself if you want something done now. Shame we cannot have a refund on our Council Tax as far as I can see we are not getting value for money.
  15. A month later and I have cleared the alley way as it is apparent that no one else is going to do it. The grass verge at the back of the Muir Close garages has never been cut this year and is still a mess.
  16. They done that lower Newton Farm, and outside my home, I caught a teenage girl walking down the road with a cone, I told her to put it back and she put two fingers up to me.
  17. Just cycled down the resurfaced Yazor Brook route, Lovely surface. Shame that some idiots thought it would be a good idea to throw the contractor's wire panels and cones into the brook.
  18. Years ago the problem was fly posting, although today all the advertising banners seen at supermarket entries and car parks are just as bad. Blight is everywhere and it drags down the quality of life around us.
  19. Roger


    Everyone recognises 'Art' with some thought behind it. A lazy teenage type 'tag' is just vandalism. There is a difference. Widely accepted in Society.
  20. That route is smooth when compared to Folly Lane especially on the downhill at speed.
  21. I was talking to a couple from Cheltenham who were staying at Poston Peterchurch with their caravan for a couple of days and they said the roads oh the roads what on earth has happened. The caravan certainly did not have a smooth ride. We have grass growing up through the cracks in the roads the other side of Kingstone. Absolute disgrace.
  22. Back on my bike and cycling across the city. Newton Farm to Bodenham Road daily and surprised the roads are as bad as they are for cyclists. My list includes tree roots beginning to lift the surface of Great Western Way, Canonmoor Street (pitted road surface and nice pothole just before Edgar Street), Blackfriars Street from the traffic lights to Widemarsh Street (forcing you to cycle in the middle of the road to find a smooth surface), Canal Road (patchwork of repairs), Southbank Road leading into Bodenham Road (pitted and rough surface - a real boneshaker downhill on the return). I suppose no problem if you are on a BMX and running wide tyres. How's your ride - nice and smooth?
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  24. Good to see a sensible editorial comment in HT re the western road to facilitate house building. The facts are there for all to see who can be bothered to read the various reports over the years. This poor attempt at a bypass was more to do with house building that would end with worse traffic issues on Whitecross Rd Three Elmes Rd and Kings Acre Rd. Bypasses by their very nature should bypass not be a link to house building. Also the plan was to build the bridge over the Wye last, so at least 5 to 7 years in the future leaving developers free to use the road for purely house building. Hopefully now plans will develop to build an Eastern bridge first to ease the issues in the City. Electric buses can be purchased and the light rail can be looked at. Hereford has taken to the Berly bikes better than expected. The County is moving in the right direction on a transport front the new administration is a breath of fresh air after years of neglect.
  25. The office planning work will enable Herefordshire Council to assess the opportunity for greater flexible working, allow for improved collaboration within teams and create shared sites in generating efficiencies in the use of office spaces and officer’s time. Internal office planning was considered however it is agreed that this work requires specialist skill and knowledge with an external view to deliver an appropriate solution. Example of Portsdown Office Limited work - quite fitting for the council? How much have they spent on this building - didn't they spend a lot of money on the roof?
  26. I particularily like this one http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=6211 How our money is spent
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