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  2. Regardless of ones political affiliations, it is bad enough to have one Prime Minister walking into the job without any sort of public mandate, but it looks ominously like history will be repeating itself again in 2019. ANYONE BUT BORIS
  3. You should never vote Tory. All Tories care about are their Eton Banking Masonic Elite.
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  5. I actually think you’re f.u.c.ked! If I’ve got this right, some kind person handed you their parking permit that had 90 minutes left on it. Nothing unreasonable about thst. You then displayed that ticket in the window of your car and then near the time of its expiry time you updated your parking time with a ticket you generated. if that’s the case and I’ve got it right, you’re on dodgy ground because the first permit that you displayed wasn’t legally yours to display. Albeit it was a kindly gift, it doesn’t matter. It wasn’t your permit and consequently not yours to use. In short the tickets are not transferable and alas you are legally liable to pay the fine. Im sorry it’s not what you want to hear but that’s the way I see it and I’m afraid I’m probably right. Whilst handing one another a parking permit that’s got plenty of time left on it is common practice and a good neighbourly thing to do, it’s simply not valid because the original ticket was not generated by you for your vehicle. Me? I’d pay the fine and put this one down to a bitter experience. My warmest regards.
  6. Go to customer services. I got a fine through the post alleging I had parked there overnight! It got binned in 3 seconds!
  7. 'So the next British Prime Minister will be elected by just under 2% of the population.' ~ The method for selecting the Tory Leader is up to the Tory Party. I'm not a Member so I don't have a vote. If people don't want a Tory Prime Minister then don't vote Tory in 2022.
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  9. Just to point out and this is the problem with the UKs voting system. If 100 people were in a room only 37 voted for Brexit. The problem is this and my Polish and Portuguese friends agree. The European Economic Community turned into a Federal Government headed up by Germany and France. No good will come of this Vanity project caused by Cameron to try and save the arse of the Tories. British politics is now broken with the Left and Right split into many factions.
  10. As long as it is a BREXITEER, not someone like Theresa May, In my opinion she SHOULD NEVER just walk in to the job of Prime Minister, there should of been an General Election to chose the PM, and definitely not a Remainer to negotiate our coming out of the European Union. The people spoke in June 2016 to Leave, well lets just get on with it!!!
  11. My list for NOT's so far without even thinking about it! Boris Truss Grayling Leadsom
  12. The time has come for politics to be taught correctly in UK schools, so that young people feel engaged and understand the importance of their role in society. Of course the Cons do not want that to happen, they want the elite taught at Eton and the banking mogul's to carry on keeping the 'riff raff' at the bottom of the pile. The Tory right wing press rail against Corbyn with real venom where is the balance. The Brexit party are ruling the BBC airwaves, once again no balance. The dinosaur parties of left and right are broken. I will leave you with this thought 75% of Americans believe it is wrong that the Arabic numbering system is taught in US schools.
  13. Well, folks, seems it will soon be time to focus on the Leadership election, as Mrs May has now indicated that she’ll be jumping ship in June. Let’s not go into the boring detail of who the aspirants for this lucrative job are, save to point out that the casting votes in the second round of the contest (the first round is restricted to the 330 serving Conservative MPs in the Commons) are vested only in paid-up members of the Conservative & Unionist Party of the UK. And at the last count there were a mere 125,000 of them – mostly with Bus Passes and many with limited life expectancy. Against a UK population of just over 66 million. So the next British Prime Minister will be elected by just under 2% of the population. Does that sound fair to you? ANYONE BUT BORIS
  14. Colin, from what I heard the new administration Alliance as quoted in HT, the Independents are going with the remaining Tories to form the administration of 29 councillors. So don't hold your breath, but I'm ready to fight if we have to! Glenda
  15. With the new administration we may actually get a lights our trail! We still have our active petitions on here too.
  16. Due to the front page story in HT, having read it I rang HHL Sharon Rivers she said.... there is no plan submitted and Keepmoat will not be the builder, it will go out to tender once the planning application goes in front of planning committee and accepted. In the meantime the prefabs will have a cover put over each prefab, the sheds will be pulled down, and the rats situation will be dealt with, I asked her what the timescale is for all this work to commence she said hopefully in two weeks. I asked her was she aware of the story in HT, she said yes, and they have received many phone call , including mine today.
  17. With two accidents this week Monday at St Martin Street and tis morning by Asda do you not think we should start up again for lights to be off or remove altogether and go back to having a roundabout system, also consideration of a tram line down GWW. Glenda
  18. The new Hereford Mayor was been sworn in on Monday evening its in HT, one comment underneath is asking about Cllr Mathews and his "alliance" rumour has it that the independents and others member s of the "alliance" used that as a ploy to get elected, as the independents is getting into bed with the Tories to run the council. When I was a councillor the independents always came down on the side of the Tories, but I DIDN'T, funny how Phil Edwards became deputy chairman to Brian Wilcox on the council since 2015, but he ALWAYS sided with the Tories on every decision made. The people of Hereford has been "hoodwinked".
  19. ragwert, well everyone I spoke to loved them, I used to go down there every week when I was their councillor for chat and a cuppa.
  20. AylestoneVoice... for what I saw at the count you could be right, better the devil you know and all that. With the "alliance" councillor arguing amongst themselves who is running the council?
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  22. It is over a week now and still the public have no idea who will be running the Herefordshire Council. I hear that various parties/councillors are arguing over who gets which job etc. So much for the supposed alliance which seems to have hit the skids Perhaps we were better off for all their faults with the Conservatives?
  23. I saw the proposed application for Beattie Ave at a meeting with HHL, then everything went quiet, I then found out there was a problem with Keepmoat at the Oval development not paying their workforce from Wales, the worked stopped for 3 months, hence the delay of completing the Oval. As the original application for the Oval was scrapped because Keepmoat wanted a percentage of the houses to sell., and the application was changed. It looks like that's what has happened again at Beattie Ave
  24. As I said, only one planning application has ever been submitted, and that hasn't been amended at all, so I can't say what it was you saw.
  25. No the application I saw was for 74 bungalows 1 & 2 bedrooms, the gardens on the right hand side were very big and HHL was going to take the back gardens to make an access road and build bungalows in the other half to make up the other 30 bungalows and narrow the road at front to stop the racing down Beattie Avenue.
  26. Only one planning application has ever been submitted. Perhaps you saw the public consultation stage scheme, which may well have been amended to take into account feedback.
  27. people were taking leaflets to post through doors in their neighbourhood and posters for their cars, windows at home boards for their gardens, and flags, we had a very good reception yesterday we almost ran out of leaflets. Come and see us in High Town next Saturday 18th between 10am and 3pm. Glenda
  28. That is a different planning application to what I've seen, admittedly that was last year, it seems with the delay another application is being considered. As for offering the bungalows to the original tenants all but a few were moved out to various locations across Herefordshire, I believe there are only a few of the original tenants still in situ because they refused to move into the country.
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