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  2. Get your entries in by tomorrow! We have had a huge response on Facebook to this giveaway
  3. This is sad news, 500 years and gone within a few hours
  4. Tesco will be relaxing some of their social distancing measures from tomorrow. The store will be removing the one way system in the aisles and all arrow floor stickers will be removed with some being replaced with occasional 'Keep Your Distance' stickers. Tesco feel now is the time to improve the ease of shop across their stores and also remove the need for staff to what are sometimes, difficult conversations with customers. We understand that other measures will also be relaxed similar to that now in place at the Ledbury store, where door staff will no longer be restricting customer numbers entering the store, customers will also need to clean their own shopping trolleys. B&Q have also removed the need to have a trolley when entering their store in Hereford and customers are also required to clean their own trolley, if one is required. Sanitisers and cloths will still be provided.
  5. At approximately 11.30pm on Sunday night, Ledbury Fire Station attended a tree fire in #Eastnor near Eastnor Castle. The tree was well alight when the crews arrived and unfortunately it was not possible to extinguish quickly. Great efforts were made by the crew from Ledbury and also by a crew from Upton Upon Severn Fire Station. The crews ran out hose approximately 120metres and used an appliance to shuttle water to and from the incident all through the night. Foam was also used to blanket the tree in great efforts to save it. This once magnificent tree in question is a very well known and admired tree called #TheWhiteLeavedOak. We understand that this tree is visited by people from all over the world and plays a large part in the rituals of Druids. The White Leaved Oak is thought to be around 500 years old and is featured on many websites and books. The cause of the fire is unknown, However please be careful when visiting the countryside, especially when visiting somewhere that is as sacred or precious to many people.
  6. It was dead in town on Sunday, we parked in the car park in Bath Street but we could have easily parked in Broad Street. The shops were quiet, so not convinced that the free parking has made that much difference.
  7. Last week
  8. Hereford FC is delighted to announce that popular local restaurant The Beefy Boys, will be the home short sponsor for the upcoming 2020/21 season. Lee Symonds of The Beefy Boys said, Hereford FC General Manager, James Watts said: “
  9. (extracted comment from The Slog) How the UK built a track and trace through the back door of ‘personal government portals’ At present, in parts of the Middle East, people receive a time slot through their phone that lets them know they are allowed to go food shopping. Think this would never happen in the UK? At the outset of this manufactured crisis, the UK government has, by stealth, been signing millions of people up to ‘Personal government portals’. Once a person has done this, they are – by way of terms and conditions – electronically traceable forever. First, this was done by stealth to the self-employed. If someone wanted to claim ‘self-employed income support’, they could not do so on paper or through an accountant. They had to sign up to a UK government portal to get their free money. Thus, at a stroke, about 5-6 million people signed up to one of these things. If you want your free money, that was the only way to get it. But once signed in, you cannot sign out. What about everyone else? Why, now the UK government is offer 500 of ‘voucher’ for every adult and ‘250’ voucher for every child to spend. So how do they get the voucher? You guessed it! The UK government has, through its Nudge Unit, signed up millions of people to these personal portals, a stealth surveillance tool. So if you think the UK would never look like parts of the Middle East, where you receive a message from the gubmint saying when you can and cannot leave your home, they now have the architecture to do exactly that. This is all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (digital slavery).
  10. Local people from Herefordshire and the rest of the UK can now travel freely to and from Wales as the lockdown measures that were introduced in March are lifted from today 6th July 2020. The Welsh government had imposed a "stay local" requirement which advised people to remain within five miles of their home. Visitor attractions can open and it will pave the way for the tourism sector to begin re-opening from July 11, providing conditions allow. Families will be reunited as people from two households are now able to form one extended household.
  11. The traffic scheme? No point in even commenting on the detail - I've been increasingly disappointed by this Council - I had high hopes that they were a genuine force for good (and I'm sure they thought that too), but, after over a year in office, I'm just not seeing this being delivered. Officers will do what they want to do and whatever helps them climb the greasy pole - public comments are a necessary evil they have to go through, but we all know they are always ignored.
  12. That 'BID' sign outside Left Bank (in the photo) is an absolute eyesore. Affects the setting of a Listed Building? I should say so! We're supposed to be getting rid of pointless street furniture not adding to it (and blocking a good chunk of pavement at the same time).
  13. Apparently it is a extremely hard lake to fish so I'm told, but the prize is large! Well stocked and good sizes and plentiful food supply -probably why they don't bite. Have fun.
  14. Hi Matt, welcome to Hereford Voice! Yes there are plenty of fish, always fisherman sat around on the banks etc
  15. Yeah because this is a great idea. Traffic is worse than ever on the new bridge and this will make it better? ....Probably about as clever as reversing the one way system through town twice. Is there anyone with any kind of logic on Herefordshire Council?....clearly not.
  16. I have not fished the lake for probably nearly 30 years. I have started fishing again. Are there any fish left in them?
  17. Could this be part of the plan to turn the lights off as the junction across the road to St Martins St is the only part that could be an issue with no traffic control.
  18. I was in the city centre today and I cannot see that this has made much difference, car park in West St was virtually empty
  19. This is a strange sculpture, but I am keen to see it when it comes to Hereford. It is massive.
  20. More sad news for people, hope that a buyer is found and at least some jobs can be saved.
  21. This is another blow to the retail industry, hope employee's find new jobs.
  22. Harveys and Benson for Beds enter into Administration. Harveys goes into administration with 240 jobs lost and branches under threat. Bensons for Beds, which is owned by Harveys' owners Blue Group, will see around 50 of its outlets close, leaving between 150 and 175 open. Blue Group formally appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers as administrator on Tuesday. The move leaves the future of Harveys hanging in the balance, with PwC looking for buyers for the business and its three manufacturing plants. Harveys is not currently taking any new orders but will honour existing ones, according to its website Harvey’s have had financial trouble for the past 12 months and have been seeking a new buyer. Most stores were due to re-open today, with staff spending the past two days cleaning showrooms. The two furniture retailers operate from 269 stores across the UK and employs 2700 in total, 700 of which are directly employed at Harvey’s. Both Bensons for Beds and Harvey’s also had a change of hands last November, when former parent company Blue Group was sold off by Steinhoff to Alteri Investors for an undisclosed sum. Alteri Investors, which owns Blue Group, has decided to restructure the business so that Bensons will become a standalone business. Bensons is the second largest bed retailer in the UK behind Dreams in terms of market share.
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