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  2. That route is smooth when compared to Folly Lane especially on the downhill at speed.
  3. I was talking to a couple from Cheltenham who were staying at Poston Peterchurch with their caravan for a couple of days and they said the roads oh the roads what on earth has happened. The caravan certainly did not have a smooth ride. We have grass growing up through the cracks in the roads the other side of Kingstone. Absolute disgrace.
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  5. Back on my bike and cycling across the city. Newton Farm to Bodenham Road daily and surprised the roads are as bad as they are for cyclists. My list includes tree roots beginning to lift the surface of Great Western Way, Canonmoor Street (pitted road surface and nice pothole just before Edgar Street), Blackfriars Street from the traffic lights to Widemarsh Street (forcing you to cycle in the middle of the road to find a smooth surface), Canal Road (patchwork of repairs), Southbank Road leading into Bodenham Road (pitted and rough surface - a real boneshaker downhill on the return). I suppose no problem if you are on a BMX and running wide tyres. How's your ride - nice and smooth?
  6. Good to see a sensible editorial comment in HT re the western road to facilitate house building. The facts are there for all to see who can be bothered to read the various reports over the years. This poor attempt at a bypass was more to do with house building that would end with worse traffic issues on Whitecross Rd Three Elmes Rd and Kings Acre Rd. Bypasses by their very nature should bypass not be a link to house building. Also the plan was to build the bridge over the Wye last, so at least 5 to 7 years in the future leaving developers free to use the road for purely house building. Hopefully now plans will develop to build an Eastern bridge first to ease the issues in the City. Electric buses can be purchased and the light rail can be looked at. Hereford has taken to the Berly bikes better than expected. The County is moving in the right direction on a transport front the new administration is a breath of fresh air after years of neglect.
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  8. The office planning work will enable Herefordshire Council to assess the opportunity for greater flexible working, allow for improved collaboration within teams and create shared sites in generating efficiencies in the use of office spaces and officer’s time. Internal office planning was considered however it is agreed that this work requires specialist skill and knowledge with an external view to deliver an appropriate solution. Example of Portsdown Office Limited work - quite fitting for the council? How much have they spent on this building - didn't they spend a lot of money on the roof?
  9. I particularily like this one http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=6211 How our money is spent
  10. 12/08/2019 - Extension of building maintenance and cleaning contract ref: 6193 Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in) Find out more about this decision (item 30) To approve the extension of the existing council building maintenance and cleansing services contract, which has been procured through an open market tender exercise, to the 31August 2020. The extension of the contract will enable time for the strategic service review of the Property Services function to complete, which is being undertaken to ensure a future sustainable service can be delivered. Decision Maker: Cabinet member commissioning, procurement and assets Decision published: 12/08/2019 Effective from: 17/08/2019 Decision: That: (a) The contract with Balfour Beatty Living Places to deliver an amalgamated property maintenance and cleansing service be extended for one year from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020 at a total contract value of £12 million. Wards affected: (All Wards); Lead officer: Andrew Husband Not bad for a years work.
  11. It's Ian Morris, not Mills. Yes, he has resigned to move to a new challenge.
  12. Ubique

    Hereford Times

    Been advised that Ian MILLS , the Deputy Editor of the HT is moving on in September. i have always found him a very responsive Journalist , who has reacted to my emails honestly and positively .
  13. Listening to H&W radio this morning and main story about no thought been given to the support infrastructure concerning building 5000 houses around Worcester. The Worcester Royal says a lack of funding £7.7 million from the developers will exasperate the running of A&E, already under pressure. The hospital once a city hospital and now a county hospital, and I predict to become a regional hospital, it seems amazing that there is no overhaul strategy, and if there is, it is drastically in need of life saving attention. Hereford will also end up in this state until it becomes absorbed into a regional Clinical Commisioning Group, already being talked about with Worcester and people will die being transferred 26 miles and waiting in queuing ambulances. Add in housing developments planned all around Herefordshire and the infrastructure will collapse. Building bigger hospitals mean local community hospitals being closed.
  14. TWG says "Generally, I’m seeing development going up all over the place that doesn’t have permission" yes indeed a classic example of this is the 150 house development in Kingstone. Last official document issued to the developer was 16th May 2019 that they are building without full planning permission. This document can be viewed on the Planning website so nothing slanderous being reported by me! No doubt many of you have now read or even seen first hand that the road that the developer was digging up to put the drains in has collapsed resulting in the road being fully closed for many many weeks to come. Traffic is being diverted along a C road without pavements and has now been rendered truly dangerous to walk along. HGV's are diverted along Stoney Street and out to Locks using the again very narrow and totally unsuitable road. If anybody is interested in writing a book this pa from conception would make truly interesting reading. God help us when the straw and potatoes starts being hauled - it will be total chaos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the farmers fault but the lack of prethought when thinking that these country roads can take these large developments - they can't!
  15. NO' HHL money is used on the various contract for building of new or replacement housing, recent development in South Wye started off 8 years ago with the Oval Regeneration in Newton Farm, Brummy Stokes Court, and at the end of this year replacement of Prefabs in Beattie Ave in Hunderton, they have two developments in the City, as well developments North of the City. HHL and Shropshire Council have amalgamated they are now named Conexus just in case anyone didn't know.
  16. Hif housing infrastructure funding.anyone know if we had any of this money.
  17. Did we not get some money out of an infrastructure development pot ?
  18. Could be,that or network rail
  19. Earlier
  20. This should say have NOT been approved. The colour scheme has been toned down and approved as below (no yellow and predominantly black pilasters now). No listed building consent has been granted for the projecting sign. Unfortunately, this is yet another case of simply ignoring common law until such time as enough people complain that the Council then have to do something about it. Generally, I’m seeing development going up all over the place that doesn’t have permission - all symptomatic of the sense of entitlement that pervades society perhaps. I understand that planning enforcement was due to take place about the hideous Marmaris Kebab shopfront in Union Street in April of this year but nothing seems to be moving.
  21. About time!! I am surprised that have not been forced to change these hideous colours sooner completely not in keeping with the surrounding shops.
  22. The controversial bright yellow and pink shop front colours along Widemarsh Street in Hereford have been approved and the current colours are to be changed inline with current planning conditions. Planning application details: This is how to U Break We Fix store currently looks The new colours below are more inline with current planning regulations. Application P191115/A
  23. I have need the number, could of done with these guys last summer, had a huge nest in garage roof space.
  24. There wasn't any funding (and there is no money we are constantly told) - the government didn't see the case for a bypass and had refused any funding. That was part of the issue. No potholes are filled because all that money is going to consultants. The Council were relying on the Marches LEP and contributions from developers but it was obvious that wasn't going to raise anywhere near enough. So they would have borrowed it, interest rates rise and then what? The County goes bust or, more likely, is taken over by South Shropshire. Definitely the right decision in my opinion. The crucial thing now is how they follow through with alternatives to properly manage traffic flows.
  25. A Western route, to facilitate a massive housing estate at Kings Acre, would just cause chaos on Whitecross Road. It would also cause a massive Carbon footprint in that area.
  26. And I wouldn't trust any un elected ex politician
  27. I wouldn't trust any Politician or Councillor .
  28. I cannot believe they have paused this bypass WTF! They will end up losing all funding in the end, this is not happening now, I think this indecision speaks absolute volumes.
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