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  2. It wasn't the planning, but the police who have objected to the licence.
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  4. I think that you maybe confused with the shop in question, this is the EMPTY shop formally Appliance shop and years ago it was Quinsey's. The new tenants are opening a store called Istanbul but they are the same people from our understanding that run Bedronka in Eign Gate and have been previously prosecuted for selling illegal tobacco.
  5. This story caused confusion as the HT wrongly linked a photo of a nearby [unconnected] shop to their story. The booze application is for the old electrical appliance shop which is bang next door to the Asda entry road. A small number of comments got added to the story [including one from me] and one pointed out the exact picture error. There was also a hint, in a comment, that the HT could be guilty of defaming the wrongly pictured shop. The story then got edited to show a 'stock' google image of the proper premises. Subsequent to that all the comments were erased and the comment facility closed. So the 'freedom of speech', for that story on that site, is closed to anyone who has a view on the subject! Probably to minimise damage to the people responsible for the fiasco!
  6. As someone who occasionally buys things from the corner shop on Belmont Road/Avenue. I was shocked to see the photo and report online this morning. The staff there are always polite and friendly. The customers are not all boozers. I often see older people who don't want to walk as far as Asda. I really think the Hereford Times should get their act together when publishing photographs of the wrong place (not the first time) The people who run this shop deserve a proper apology. Also, the real shop in question was previously a newsagents before Asda opened, then selling washing machines etc. I have seen no planning applications for change of use to allow selling food etc. . If the licensing people object, why has no change of use been approved.
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  8. Boris got a decent job done in London as Mayor. No other candidate has got any traction with the Tory Membership. So he will be the next PM. We all know it. I'm sure the only thing on his mind is delivering 'Brexit' before the next General Election. Corbyn is a bigger problem than Brexit in my opinion. An Iranian apologist. Marxist. His deputy condones civil unrest. Insurrection
  9. Roger.... Like you I watched the debate, it wasn't any better than the first debate, other than my favourite Dominic Raab was voted out, Rory Stewart, and Jeremy comments were like a broken record, and its obvious they are Remainers,, so as far as I'm concerned there are only three left to choose from, and I wouldn't choose any of them, I know Boris I met him 8 years ago.
  10. There were no major gaffes or major winners in the bbc debate tonight. Which I watched. Rory came out with his tired pragmatic approach of fronting up the TM deal for a 4th go. I really think he should defect to the Lib Dems as he's not a last resort 'no deal' man. Boris was singled out for his 'letterbox' comments about Muslim female attire which would not, I imagine, cause any Tory Members' to rip up their support for him. The remaining campaign, I suggest, for four of them, is just a race to get into the final two so as to lose to Boris in the Member vote. I seriously doubt that Rory Stewart would get a seat in a Boris Govt. Anyway ..... One more to be knocked out tomorrow. Tactical voting is now fully in play. Those votes include the 30 from the Dominic Raab camp. Those are 'hard' brexit votes. They can easily be used to wipe out Rory Stewart.
  11. According to statistics held by the House of Commons Library (an information source which I’m prepared to believe), the Tory Party had 124,000 paid up members in March last year, compared with Labour’s half-million plus. Yet BBC bulletins today, reporting on the race for No 10, are saying that 160,000 ballot papers are about to be posted out to the Nasty Party’s membership. A 25% hike – even allowing for the Boris Factor (or, as others see it ‘The Elephant in the Room’) does seem quite extraordinary. ANYONE BUT BORIS
  12. Wasn't impressed by the first debate let hope the one tonight will be better, it will be interesting Boris will be there. BUT NOT RORY
  13. Roger.... was not 'out of touch' when I posted that information the court case was going through, a couple of days later it said on the news it had been quoshed. Apparently the man that brought the case they found out something about him, also he is a Remainer.
  14. You are 'out of touch' with reality. That court case never got off the ground. Anyone could see that!
  15. There are two live television debates with the candidates for PM, tonight at 6.30pm -8.00pm channel 4 Boris isn't taking part, and Tuesday 8.00pm - 9.00pm channel 1. in which Boris has said he will attend, lets wait and see if he does.
  16. Looking very likely to be Boris Johnson - help
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  18. So ignore the f8ck off sized supermarket car park 10 yards' away! Or Lidl? Just Political speak again. Ignoring reality!
  19. There should be more prosecutions!
  20. And yet the same company wanted to wipe out The Broad Leys. Good on the Co op for the good work they do. Each time you shop there you are contributing to local charities of your choosing.
  21. I saw this yesterday on the TV, good to see companies supporting local groups
  22. Ground breaking moment for cyber security in Hereford Work is due to start on the £9 million Cyber Quarter - Midlands Centre for Cyber Security in Hereford and was marked by an official ground breaking ceremony on Friday 7 June. The trail-blazing project on Skylon Park, Hereford Enterprise Zone, is a joint venture between the University of Wolverhampton and Herefordshire Council and part-funded by the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Cllr David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: Professor Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Wolverhampton, said: Andrew Manning Cox, chairman of Hereford Enterprise Zone and Marches LEP board member, said The 2,000 square metre building, designed by Associated Architects and built by Spellar Metcalfe, will provide significant resources for research and development across three cyber laboratories, advanced training facilities as part of the WCRI and additional business space for up to 16 cyber companies. The centre, which secured £2.82m of funding via the Marches LEP’s Growth Deal with Government in 2017, is part of the new Cyber Quarter at Skylon Park, already home to numerous defence and security sector businesses. The new centre incorporates a full height glass atrium to provide a dual break-out space and function hall, alongside the main three storey building that houses business suites, innovation rooms, IT workshops and a ‘Cyber Range’ – a cutting edge facility that will defend against the global rise of hacking. The Cyber Quarter - Midlands Centre for Cyber Security is set to reach BREEAM Very Good, an industry-leading standard of sustainability and is set to open in Summer 2020.
  23. The construction of new student accommodation at Station Approach, Hereford, has been given official approval following a decision taken yesterday (Monday 10 June). This means that building work on the 178 bed purpose-built facility can start within the next few weeks and it is planned to be completed ready for students to move in for the academic year starting September 2020. The development of Higher Education is critical to supporting the economic prosperity of the city and wider county, providing opportunities for people to live and learn in Herefordshire, and establishing a workforce that will help local businesses continue to flourish as well as attract new investment. The council is carrying out the project with our development partners, energy and regeneration specialist ENGIE and Cityheart Partnerships. Hereford College of Arts (HCA), which has a proven need for good quality student housing to support its growth plans, will be the main customer of the new accommodation. There will also be the option to provide rooms for students of NMiTE, supporting its development. The site is perfectly located for easy access to local colleges, key transport links and the city centre. Councillor David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said: “The new student accommodation will provide high quality purpose-built facilities, making Herefordshire an even more attractive proposition for young people looking to study here. We are delighted that this will support our local higher education providers and promote Herefordshire as a great place to study and live. “Station Approach is a key project within the council’s Development and Regeneration Programme (DRP) which will support economic development in the county.” The project will be financed by an external provider and operated by a specialist company. The freehold of the site will be retained by the council. The council car park at Station Approach will close to allow the development, but the NCP car park will continue to operate. Residents and visitors are asked to make use of the existing capacity in the council’s other car parks around the city centre, and new signage along Station Approach will help direct people to Merton Meadow.
  24. Have you got the percentage of the British Population [to hand] who voted for Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister? I'm obviously referring to the Leadership Election he won. People need to recognise the difference between Party Leadership Elections and General Elections.
  25. According to news and papers this morning 5 of the candidates are about to drop out of the running for PM, also 4 have admitted taking drugs within the last 20 years. The papers have really gone to town on Michael Gove for taking cocaine also Andrew Marr asked him on his show this morning should he be standing for PM position.
  26. Thank you John for the clarification. I am not looking for credit but keen to push our tram campaign forward and also our traffic lights out (or part time) idea. Good now that we have everyone onside and some of these ideas may come to fruition and at least be given a trial.
  27. Hi Colin and gang, the proposals put forward were not submitted by the Council but by the Hereford Sustainable Transport Group to the DfT and were in a response to the government's 'call for evidence'. This group put forward a detailed plan after some discussions with Jesse Norman MP. The Council is happy to consider the results when they come back to the HSTG because like Colin I think we should look at the possibility of ultra-light rail. So it's not a Council project or pitch yet but we may become involved. I did in my statement thank all groups that had pushed for this - meaning Col and Hereford Voice as well as others. Hereford Voice has done a huge amount in raising the profile of this idea and can and will be definitely get credit if things progress. Thanks Col and gang for all your graft on this!
  28. Thanks for your kind comments guys but I am not sure if this refers to the idea of a tram along the GWW or if this is something completely different? There is no mention of the GWW maybe @John Harrington can through some light on this story?
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