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  2. Works begins of the refurbishment of the public toilets in Maylord Orchards on Monday! It will be good to have these much needed facilities reopen again in the city centre in the near future. Gemma Davies - Cllr said to us today;
  3. I see the road & homes going into Kingsland just after the Lugg bridge have escaped flooding this time. Wounder why
  4. We are again witnessing floods across our county and you have to feel for all of those people and businesses that are affected. Residents in Greyfriars Ave and Wye Terrace as well as many other homes in streets and roads across Herefordshire are once again flooded out. Our friends at De Koffie Pot are really battling against the odds to pump out the constant flow of flood water. Keep up the good work guys and let's hope that the water does not breach the wall, we have our fingers crossed for everyone
  5. ROAD CLOSURE | Holme Lacy Road, Putson, Hereford. Please do not ignore the signs they are there for a reason! #herefordvoice #herefordnews #herefordshire
  6. Never realised there was so much grass around the roundabout. It is more of an Avalons shape too which I didn't realise.
  7. Sign of the times unfortunately. Covid has just accelerated that now, most shops will not take cash at the moment.
  8. Last week
  9. All part of the Global Reset. Watch all the other banks follow suit. Coinage of the Realm is going to disappear to be replaced by personal credits all through your smartphone if you use one.
  10. Yes this photo was taken with a drone, certainly shows the roundabout in a different perspective.
  11. HSBC has announced that they have plans to close 82 branches across the UK reducing their estate to 511 branches. Hereford's branch located in the city centre is NOT on the list of branches to be closed however, Tewksbury's branch is earmarked to close at the end of July. The bank said it aims to redeploy the vast majority of staff to nearby branches and does not expect any redundancies from the move. The branches will start shutting their doors permanently from April 23, starting with Edinburgh’s Princes Street branch, with approximately three closing each week until the
  12. The new restaurant in the former 'Ask Italian' unit in Broad Street Hereford is due to open next week. Dirty pizzas | Retro cocktails | Chilled vibes They are just adding the finishing touches to their new and exciting restaurant in Broad Street Hereford before their grand opening next week! (take-away only at the moment) Check out their Facebook page with a chance to win a delicious free bumper meal in their opening 'Giveaway' We would like to wish them the best of luck and welcome this new foodie to Hereford's city centre.
  13. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service were called to a serious agricultural building fire in Kings Pyon, near Hereford at around 13:03 on Monday, 18 January 2021. The fire was in a large agricultural building – two barns approximately 120m by 120m containing 500 tonnes of straw. Livestock in the barns were all evacuated. photographs courtesy of HWFRS In total 12 appliances were involved in fighting the fire with crews coming in from Kingsland, Hereford, Eardisley, Leominster, Kington, Wyre Forest, Tenbury Wells, Fownhope, Ledbury and Malvern. The fire was fought
  14. Thank you K Butt sometimes I get it right and sometimes I do not - it is often trial and error. At the moment my tv is behaving better than it was last week.
  15. This is different, incredible view, I assume fro ma drone but still nice to see
  16. This is a huge fire, very sad to see all this destruction. Hope they are insured, I know its not what they would have wanted but let's hope they can at least rebuild it and get something back.
  17. Well done Denise, more switched on with this techie stuff than me.
  18. It is not even connected yet, I was talking with one of the engineers earlier, they are still connecting cables, not live until all complete.
  19. 19.10 Update: Water Carrier and a Pump from Leominster attended a barn fire this afternoon, near King's Pyon. Along with crews from Kingsland, Hereford, Eardisley, Kington, Ledbury and Malvern Fire Stations. Crews will remain at the incident through the night.
  20. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service crews have be called to a fire which has engulfed a barn at Kings Pyon in Herefordshire. The heat from the core of the fire is an incredible 650c as you can see from the heat gun.
  21. Following on from the television saga some time ago I spoke to my internet provider Plusnet and after much discussion the very pleasant man said I needed an ethernet cable because I was reaching the speed I was paying for which is top wack. Anyway bought cable and fixed said same and streaming was ok for about 75% of the time until of course last Monday which apart from Amazon was a total no no. After much checking on the internet it was suggested that a USB Powered Compact Signal Booster 4G might do the trick. I bought a SLX from Amazon for just over £13.00 and I am very pleased to
  22. Of course he's "passionate about shaping and delivering better outcomes and outstanding public services for residents, businesses and visitors". Maybe that even includes sweeping the pavements occasionally. £155k plus pension plus NI and all the other employment costs - probably looking at £200k pa, plus no doubt a huge fee to a recruitment 'consultant'. Has the outgoing CEO really made a difference or even added value to his 8 years of salary (say £1.2m)? If he has, it's hard to see where.
  23. Well I am not can only watch Amazon at the moment and that even gets a bit dodgy sometimes! I think it could be a BT problem on the west of Hereford so many of my neighbours have sky so they do not have the same problem - oh well there are worse things happening in the world that's for sure!!
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