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On 26 October 2022 Hereford Magistrates Court granted a Criminal Behaviour Order against Aivis Vasiljevs aged 31 of Cornewall Street, Whitecross, Hereford.


This is the second order of this nature issued by the court in October against individuals who have caused significant anti-social behaviour in Hereford city centre – the other order against Raimonds Debenko who is a known associate of Vasiljevs.

The order against Vasiljevs is as a result of him pleading guilty to two public order offences which had occurred in September in the Asda Supermarket area of Hereford where he had used threatening words and behaviours towards others that has caused them alarm and distress and a subsequent Criminal Behaviour Order application from West Mercia Police.

Vasiljevs was sentenced to a Community Order with 15 days rehabilitation activity requirements, ordered to pay compensation in the amount of £120 and issued a Criminal behaviour Order for 3 years by the magistrates.

The order prohibits him from entering the Eign Gate area of Hereford and from being in possession any open item containing alcohol in the city centre.

Jim Mooney Police Community Safety officer for Herefordshire who made the application on behalf of the Police comments -

‘The use of the Criminal Behaviour Order process is the end of a journey of anti-social behaviour prevention and intervention against an individual and is not applied for until all steps have been taken to try and change their behaviour.

In the case of Vasiljevs he has persistently ignored advice and warnings and has caused alarm and distress to others in the city and especially in the area of Eign Gate. He and others have felt it was acceptable to frequent the city centre openly street drinking alcohol, getting drunk and then becoming a nuisance to the public and businesses.

The local policing team will continue to address concerns of anti-social behaviour raised with them and will take all appropriate steps to challenge the minority in the community who act this way and will ensure that the city remains a safe place to live, visit and work.

Any breach of this orders should be reported via ‘101’ or through the West Mercia website www.westmercia.police.uk

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