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Featured | Kingsland Fire Station Training

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Featured Fire Station πŸš’ | In our series, we are focusing on the very important work and training that Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service crews undergo on a regular basis.

280504718_7670812366292154_7351066483897200864_n.thumb.jpg.8d8ce0361fcc060f5eaaeb77cc08d33c.jpgΒ 280371686_7670812239625500_205661647699257485_n.thumb.jpg.2fd335acd3ad27249fc429587db1564d.jpg

Today we look at the remarkable training that Kingsland fire station did yesterday evening.

Last nights training was back to basics brushing up on ladder pitching skills for the crews who were kindly allowed by Vaughan farms of kingsland to use their yard and buildings for this essential training excercise. It’s always a benefit using different venues to practice πŸš’πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸͺœ

280540887_7670812302958827_3357333152161998329_n.thumb.jpg.af9455a49a414e967fe59e76c10debd4.jpgΒ 279674305_7670812436292147_2951200169930475825_n.thumb.jpg.e4e59856f4657b750369b3bb688e4185.jpg

'Thank You For Your Service' to the crews at Kingsland Fire Station and to all our emergency services for the vital work and support they provide to the community.

πŸ“Έ HWFRS Kingsland

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