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Herefordshire Council Launches Vouchers to Save on Baby Costs

Hereford Voice

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Herefordshire Council are launching an incentive scheme to encourage parents/guardians to ditch single-use nappies in favour of reusable varieties. The scheme launches today (4 April 2022). 


Changing to reusable nappies will not only help the environment, it will also help parents/guardians save up to £1,000 per child. This figure could be even more impressive if reusable nappies are handed down to siblings or sold on to other users. In short, making the switch to reusables is one of the easiest ways a family with young children can reduce their waste while saving themselves a considerable sum of money.

According to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) a child typically uses between 4,000 and 6,000 disposable nappies by the time they reach 2.5 years of age. That equates to a ton of waste going to landfill or incineration. That waste could be avoided if reusable nappies were used instead of disposables. Making the switch will create savings the council can use to help fund the scheme.

Herefordshire Council are offering a limited number of £200 vouchers to parents/guardians to use at selected suppliers to purchase nappies, liners and nappy buckets. Its webpage provides links to the organisations at which the vouchers can be used. They sell reusable nappies and related products in a range of sizes, styles, colours and materials to suit your babies’ needs.

All Herefordshire parents/guardians with a child aged 18 months or younger living with them are eligible for the voucher scheme. Applicants need their baby’s birth certificate or MAT B1 certificate when they apply.

The scheme aligns with the council’s ambition for the county to ‘protect and enhance our environment and keep Herefordshire a great place to live’. To do that it has promised to ‘minimise waste and increase reuse, repair and recycling’.

Councillor Gemma Davies, cabinet member for commissioning, procurement and assets, says:

“It’s often said that simple ideas are among the best ones and this scheme is an excellent example of that. It’s a really great way for parents/guardians to save money in the long run as well as give our planet a breather by generating less waste. Herefordshire Council is committed to reducing waste in the county and, according to the NCT (National Childbirth Trust), ‘each year, parents/guardians throw away around three billion disposable nappies to landfill’. Herefordshire parents/guardians can play their part in reducing these astronomical waste figures. In doing so, they’ll be investing in a better environment for their own children and grandchildren.”

Reusables have come a long way in recent years and now come in a wide variety of different designs, colours and fabrics to suit all needs. They are free of the chemicals found in some disposable types and soft natural fabrics are thought to be kinder to babies’ skin.


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