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Beryl Bikes Can Now Be Found On Apple Maps and Google

Hereford Voice

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Beryl, the UK’s leading provider of shared micromobility schemes, has teamed up with Google, Apple and transit data experts Ito World to help make two-wheeled travel even easier and more accessible for customers.


As a result, all 721 Beryl bays now also appear as points of interest on Apple Maps, highlighting the number of bikes and docks available as well as useful information such as weblinks and customer service contact details.

To enable this, Ito World added the Beryl general bikeshare feed specifications (GBFS) - real time data feeds that are available in a uniform format online to aid analysis, comparison and decision making - into their global bikeshare product.

Doing this makes the feeds accessible to journey planners such as Apple and Google, allowing them to integrate the data within their own apps and products.

By making the feeds available under an open data licence, Apple were able to highlight the 721 Beryl bays currently installed across seven schemes, including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, Isle of Wight, Norwich, Watford, Hereford, Greater Manchester and Hackney.

Beryl CEO, Phillip Ellis, said: “We want to encourage people to try our micromobility schemes, which are a fun, cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to the car that help reduce congestion while improving air quality and public health.

“They are meticulously planned in conjunction with local authorities and local people to ensure they are as convenient and easy to use as possible.

“In fact, in some of our schemes, up to 90% of the people living within the service area are just five minutes (or less) walk from a Beryl bay.

“By developing strong working partnerships with trusted service providers such as Ito World, Google and Apple, we are working to take accessibility and convenience to the next level and make micromobility an even more positive experience for users.”

For more information on Beryl’s innovative e-scooter and bike share schemes, please visit beryl.cc


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