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New Restaurant Opening at the Former Pizza Express in Broad Street Hereford.

Hereford Voice

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La’De Kitchen will be opening up their new restaurant in Hereford, serving selected Mediterranean dishes from Turkish, Greek and Italian cuisines. The family-owned local restaurant aims to present the true hospitality of its Anatolian roots to its guests. The name ‘La’De’ is made up of two parts, derived from the names of the owner’s two children.


Using fresh and local seasonal ingredients, chefs at La’De Kitchen take great care in presenting guests with deliciously made dishes. Anatolian hospitality and warmth can be felt immediately as soon as guests step foot into La’De Kitchen, with its complimenting glitzy and buzzy decor. The Restaurant will be an ideal place to mark important occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. The easy-going vibe and cool atmosphere make first dates more memorable.

272162729_255977676663604_6633944182172997532_n.thumb.jpg.e2f7fd9294c8cd9620bfcb5bddadb659.jpg 271733468_251527007108671_8258078019446285411_n.thumb.jpg.1c66582028303d300ef2519c8bd00bee.jpg

Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

Website | https://www.ladekitchen.com/

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