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📣 News | Hereford's Own Custom Monopoly Game!

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Hereford has seen off 24 other places from across the West Midlands – including Warwick and Leamington Spa – to land

its’ very own official MONOPOLY board, it will be announced later this morning (Wednesday 2nd February 2022) at Hereford Cathedral.


How cool is this!

🔹Hereford Mayor Cllr. Paul Stevens will be amoung guest at the official annocement scheduled for 10am, Wednesday 2nd February 2022. Hereford Cathedral, Broad Street entrance from 9.45am.

“Hereford is blessed with great landmarks which will get to replace the famous classic MONOPOLY streets like Mayfair and Park Lane,” says Ella Gibbs from the makers of the new game Winning Moves UK.

The new unique game will see the multi-coloured property squares all themed around Hereford – with Chance and Community Chest cards customised too.

So Hereford Cathedral, tipped to feature prominently in the game, could be yours to own for just a few hundred MONOPOLY dollars, whilst getting stuck in traffic on the medieval Wye Bridge could see players sent ‘Back Three Spaces’. Castle Green could feature on a green square. Hereford Town Hall may land on the Whitehall space. “But everything is up for grabs,” adds Ms Gibbs, Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK, makers of this unique edition under official license from Hasbro.

“We expect to be wonderfully spoilt for choice putting this game together.”

At today’s announcement that Hereford has landed the honour of its very own customised MONOPOLY game, the public will be invited to suggest landmarks to feature on the board. “The game will reflect the flavour and feel of these suggestions,” adds Ms Gibbs. “The public consultation process will last for three weeks.”

The property sets will be themed: from heritage to shopping, culture to leisure – and more.

The train station quartet set that features on the classic original MONOPOLY will be handed over to a travel theme for the new Hereford edition. That’s because Hereford doesn’t have a multitude of main line stations to select from like in the London MONOPOLY original.

Hereford Town Hall could get to land on the famous Whitehall square from the game’s classic original. “There’s synergy there,” adds Ms Gibbs. For the same reason a very old building could get to land on Old Kent Road. “As regards the board’s most expensive exclusive square, Mayfair, that could go to Hereford’s most prized crown jewel,” adds Ms Gibbs. “We look forward to hearing from the public.”

Bosses at Winning Moves UK say a variety of factors were used in deciding Hereford from across 25 cities and towns in the West Midlands and western Midlands. These factors include ‘pride’, ‘landmarks’, ‘beauty’ and ‘sense of family’.

Hereford has seen off 24 West Midlands cities and towns to land the MONOPOLY honours for this year. There is a famous Community Chance card in the original MONOPOLY version which says: ‘You have won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest’. Well Hereford has very much won FIRST prize!

In all 30+ Hereford landmarks and favourites will be showcased in the game. Over the last 25 years Winning Moves UK has produced official versions of MONOPOLY .. from Dubai to Dublin and Palm Beach to Plymouth. Now the dice is rolling upon Hereford.

The game will hit the shops this October (2022) - in time for Christmas - but before it goes into production the public is being invited to suggest Hereford landmarks and cards to feature in the game, via these three ways:

1. By email to: hereford@winningmoves.co.uk .

2 Via the official Hereford MONOPOLY Facebook page.

3. Or by post to: Hereford MONOPOLY, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NJ.

Polling starts at 10am on 2nd February and closes at 23.59pm on 22nd February (2022).

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