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£10,000 Awarded to Hereford Citizen’s Advice Bureau

Hereford Voice

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Hereford City Council awarded an annual grant of £10,000 to the Hereford Citizen’s Advice Bureau, to help them continue providing their vital services.


Hereford Citizen’s Advice Bureau work to give local people advice on issues which are causing them problems in life, whatever that problem may be. From unemployment and benefits, to relationship troubles and child support, Hereford CAB tackle issues in every corner of our community.

When Hereford City Councillors last caught up with Hereford Citizen’s Advice Bureau in May 2021, they asked how their previous £10,000 grant had been put to use since awarded it in 2020. As expected, the pandemic had put a huge strain on the team, and enquiries had risen substantially. From people losing their jobs to housing evictions and money issues, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau had dealt with a variety of unforeseen circumstances, aiding those who had been hardest hit by the lockdowns.

Sadly, many more people throughout 2021 have had to deal with these challenges. The team have dealt with a massive amount of cases, most of which were due to Covid-19. Many who had never had experience of the benefits system had been forced to claim universal credit after entering troubled times, and in a number of cases those people did not have access to the internet or knowledge of how to navigate the system. Now that the eviction moratorium has been lifted, the courts have a backlog of cases and the CAB maintain a desk at the court to offer advice, which often achieves last minute stays of action while better solutions are found.

Roughly 44% of cases are related to benefits and 40% of claimants have a long term disability. People in crisis are currently desperate for help, and the City Council fully supports the work the CAB do in helping them. It was agreed by City Councillors that the annual grant of £10,000 be released to Hereford Citizen’s Advice Bureau to help these incredible efforts continue.

For more information on Hereford CAB, visit: www.herefordshirecab.org.uk


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