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Report from initial meeting of the Website Working Party

Colin James

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Report from initial meeting of the Website Working Party. (Taken from Sept 2011 minutes)


Members have been provided with a copy of the initial report from the Website Working Party which recommended:

that the parish council pursue the option of creating its own website, rather than use another community site

that a .gov domain be obtained to confirm that the site is a formal site for Belmont Rural Parish Council

that the initial site be kept as an informational site only but with an option to develop into a more interactive site at a later date and that consideration be given to ensuring that maintenance of the site is sufficiently user friendly to keep the time required for updating to a minimum.


Members noted comments from a member of the public in attendance at the meeting that a community website managed by Mr. Colin James could be used for parish council purposes, and Mr. James comments that parish councillors could use the website forum as a means of communicating with members of the public, which he felt was more appropriate than the electronic noticeboard being proposed by members of the working party.

After a brief discussion, and noting in particular the recommendations of the National Association of Local Councils on this subject, it was agreed that the recommendations of the website working party be accepted and that the working party be authorised to progress this by obtaining a .gov domain name and setting up a draft site for Members approval at a later date. It was further agreed that a provisional budget of £100.00 be agreed to support this activity.

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