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Embrace Hereford | There are plenty of superb things to celebrate about our wonderful city.


The fabulous thought-provoking Knife Angel Hereford has had a huge impact on the city with plenty of daily visitors.

The National Monument Against Violence and Aggression will be on display until 12th July and there is a month-long programme of events.

Hereford Voice has drawn up a complete and comprehensive list of interactive medical workshops and creative activities, venues, dates and times etc 👉 https://hfd.news/em9

Hereford Voice is so proud to have been able to promote and support the Knife Angel Hereford project for many months leading up to the arrival of the statue in Hereford and we would like to thank Alison Davies, Meryl Cain and the whole team behind this fabulous project for all of their hard work for the past two years leading up to this fabulous event.

There is more good positive news! We have more new shops that have opened recently! Ga&Bi Polish Shop have been open for the past few weeks, check out their delicious fresh Polish cakes! you will find their shop in Bewell Street.

En BBQ Hereford have recently opened their superb new Korean restaurant within the Hereford Old Market Shopping Centre where you will also find other fabulous restaurants, coffee bars and shops.

Wonderful to see Saxtys Bar & Club thriving once again and if you have not been yet it is a must visit!

A new Tapas restaurant is also on the horizon and with the fantastic winning bid from the StrongerHereford team our brilliant city has a lot more new and exciting projects on the way!

We love our city and county and we like to shout about it and promote everything positive.

It's all too easy to moan but we are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of the World.

We will continue to promote local business and encourage people to visit Hereford and Herefordshire.

Join us in our campaign and 'BE POSITIVE' about this fabulous city of ours. 'Positive Hereford' and 'Embrace Hereford'

#PositiveHereford #EmbraceHereford #HerefordNews

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