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Hereford and Leominster Mayfair 2021 Postponed Until the Summer.

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Following a meeting of Herefordshire’s Safety Advisory Group, it has been determined and agreed with the event organisers that due to the pandemic, it would not be prudent to hold the Leominster and Hereford Mayfair events in their usual slots at the end of April/beginning of May.


Instead, they are planned to be rescheduled as follows:

  • Leominster: Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 July inclusive
  • Hereford: Tuesday 3 to Thursday 5 August inclusive

The Hereford May Fair will celebrate the 900th anniversary of the granting of its charter in 2021, while the Leominster Fair can be traced back to the 17th century, and both events attract many residents and visitors every year. Events and activities are being organised to celebrate Hereford’s 900th anniversary and details of these will be available on the Herefordshire Council website in the next few weeks.Dean Deakin, Chairman of the South Wales and Northern Ireland Section of The Showman’s Guild, said: 


“All our members are pleased and eager to still be able to bring our fair to Hereford this year. We look forward to providing our usual thrills and excitement in a safe, outdoor environment, with the 900 year anniversary representing a significant and proud milestone for us.”

Abie Morris, on behalf of the Morris family, said: “We are delighted that the tradition of Leominster fair should still be able to take place in 2021 and take real pride in being able to once again deliver this event for locals and visitors”.

The streets come alive during the three-day festivals each year as crowds flock to enjoy their unique festival atmosphere and myriad of entertainment.  

On behalf of Herefordshire Council, Cllr Tyler, Cabinet Member Housing, Regulatory Services & Community Safety said,


“Whilst it is disappointing that these popular events in Leominster and Hereford will not be able to take place on their original dates this year, it is pleasing that alternative dates have been identified for later this summer, so that these fun filled events can be enjoyed once more.”


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