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Having Your Say | Hereford Voice Councillor Sessions.

At Hereford Voice our slogan has always been 'Having Your Say' and through our network we are going to give you the opportunity to ask your questions to some of our Councillors.

Cabinet Member - Finance and Corporate Services - Councillor Liz Harvey has agreed to be put under the spotlight to answer your questions in the second series of our 'exclusive' Q & A sessions.

Rules: Abuse will Not be tolerated and offensive comments will be deleted and may also result in that person being banned. Please ask sensible questions on any subject that Cllr Harvey maybe able to address and answer in her capacity at Herefordshire Council.

Councillor Elizabeth Harvey

Herefordshire Council tax setting meeting is this coming Friday 5th March, which is formally ratifying all the parish precepts, the fire authority and police charges and the county council tax rise which have each already been debated and agreed by their respective authorities. Cllr Harvey is more than happy to explain all about that however, please be minded that there is no scope on Friday to revisit the 4 99% county tax uplift. Please ask your questions, we have set out a few examples below;

  • Finance 
  • Council Budget 
  • Council Tax
  • Value for money
  • Corporate Services

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