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Hereford's riverside footpath has been closed for over a year!

Hereford Voice

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The public riverside footpath which runs down alongside the Saracens Head Pub has bee closed to the public since February 2020.


Rone Properties who own the Saracens Head from our understanding are responsible for the cellars underneath which support the footpath.

Whilst the council has responsibility for the top layer of a footpath like this the sub base is the responsibility of landowner, in this case, the owners of Saracens Head.

We understand that the landlords of the pub believed that the cellars were no longer their responsibility but Herefordshire Council disagreed.

After a year of nothing being done we believe that the pub owners have now agreed to do some shoring up work beneath the footpath (between the underside of the footpath and the top of the old cellars) in order that the Council can then reinstate the footpath for public use once again.

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