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Confirmed Case of Coronavirus at Hereford Nursery

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Lollipops on the common, based near Widemarsh Common in Hereford confirmed the case this afternoon. 


A statement said:👇



“It is with great sadness that we can confirm we have had a child in our setting test positive for Covid-19. 

We would like to express that we have worked very hard to put stringent procedures in place regarding Covid-19 to keep all of our children, parents and staff safe.

But unfortunately today a child has been dropped off for their normal session at nursery (having had a covid test on Saturday) the parents have sadly not shared this information with us until they rang mid morning to confirm the child had had a test and it had come back positive. 

The implications of this are huge.

We now have a high number of children and staff having to self isolate for 14 days, this has now forced us as a setting to close.

We would like to ensure parents that we have been working with Public Health England today and they were very pleased with our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and our policies and procedures we have in place.

As I am sure we are sharing the same frustrations this situation has put us all in, and we can only thank our parents for their understanding at this terrible time.

Public Health England have confirmed we are able to re-open on Tuesday 20th October 

Thankyou ...the Lollipops Team.”


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