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Britain's Best Loaf 2020 has been crowned:

Hereford Voice

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A Wild Hops & Barley Loaf from Peter Cooks Bread in Worcester has been crowned Britain’s Best Loaf 2020.


You will find the wonderful Peter Cooks Bread in various shops across Herefordshire including Fodder in Church St Hereford.

It was chosen as the standout winner from the competition’s six categories: Gluten Free, Innovation, Plain Sourdough, Sourdough with Other Ingredients, White and Wholegrain (see full list of the winners and highly commended loaves below).

The winning loaf stood out to the judges thanks to its innovative use of ingredients. The process is kicked off by creating a tea from hops which is used to make a sourdough starter. Once it’s had a week to mature, the starter is mixed with strong white flour and water before toasted spent beer grains, which have been soaked in ale overnight, are added from the Hop Shed Brewery. The loaf is bulk fermented for four hours then shaped and retarded overnight before baking the next day.

“The Wild Hops & Barley Loaf from Peter Cooks Bread is a deserving winner of Britain’s Best Loaf. It is a beautiful, and tasty, loaf with a great story behind it,” said Amy North, editor, British Baker.

“It faced stiff competition – the judges were very impressed with the overall quality of entries this year, particularly in the innovation category where we were delighted with botanical loaves, cheesy concoctions and some truly outstanding bread.”

The event was sponsored by ADM, American Pan UK and Scobie McIntosh/Revent, and took place at Meridian Hall in East Grinstead on 23 September 2020. 

📷 British Baker

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