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West Midlands Railways Offers up to 50% for Students

Hereford Voice

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As families gear up to send their kids back to school next week, West Midlands Railway is helping out with a selection of discounts on season tickets for this academic term.


Perfect for school, college or university students who regularly travel by train, the offers include 50% off season tickets for students aged 16 or over, and 25% off for students aged 15 or under. 

As well as helping parents make considerable savings, purchasing a season ticket saves students having to buy a ticket each day and reduces their social contact at the station. 

Helping passengers to travel safely and comfortably, West Midlands Railway has put a number of strict measures in place. 

As well as cleaning trains with the latest antiviral equipment, the operator has implemented social distancing on platforms, stairs and escalators, and applied new signs and one-way systems at train stations. 

The operator is reminding all passengers to maintain social distancing whenever possible and wear a face covering at all times, including children aged 11 and over. 

West Midlands Railway will also be introducing a new timetable on Sunday 6 September, helping to increase service levels in time for the return of schools and workplaces. 

The new timetable – which will generate thousands of extra seats on West Midlands Railway services – will return the network’s capacity to near pre-Covid levels. Jonny Wiseman, head of customer experience at West Midlands Railway, says:



“Coronavirus has had a significant impact on our lives and we understand that many parents will be anxious about sending their kids back to school. 

“We also know that the pandemic has affected the finances of families across the region so we wanted to offer a helping hand with two generous discounts on our student season tickets. 

“In addition to the special offers, we have also introduced extra measures to help suppor


t social distancing and stepped up our cleaning, to help our customers adjust to the new way of travelling.”

To find out more about student season tickets or to purchase, visit wmr.uk/students


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