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Council Welcomes New Funding

Hereford Voice

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The Leader of Herefordshire Council has welcomed a multi-million pound investment into the county, announced by Government and allocated by the Marches LEP.


More than 700 new jobs and 300 homes are to be created across the Marches region as part of the Government’s Getting Building Fund (GBF), and three of the six projects that will benefit are in Herefordshire. 

Planning applications for housing and employment sites in the north of Herefordshire are being delayed because of the elevated level of phosphates in the River Lugg catchment area. As part of the Integrated Constructed Wetlands project, up to 8 wetland sites can be built adjacent to sewage treatment works in the River Lugg catchment area to lower the phosphate levels, creating up to 500 jobs by unlocking development potential for 1,385 homes whilst also delivering strong environmental benefits through these rich bio diversity habitats. The money from the Marches LEP will add a further £1m to this project to add to the funds already earmarked by the Council.  

The council’s refurbishment of the historic centre of Hereford will also benefit from a £3m investment in the streetscape with high quality materials as part of a masterplan to ensure Hereford is vibrant and supports businesses creating new opportunities for visitors and retailers. Again this will add to the funds already earmarked for this project by the Council.

Accelerated funding will also speed up the Skylon Park Campus Development, which is a pivotal component of NMiTE, and will create 26 jobs, 100 construction jobs and 200 new learning opportunities.Cllr David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said:



“We are very pleased to hear of the new funding that is being allocated by the Marches LEP to support several projects in the county. Overall the Integrated Constructed Wetlands project will unlock 1,300 potential homes in the county by lowering the phosphate levels in the River Lugg. This means that as well as providing housing potential and creating 500 new jobs, the project will deliver upon the council’s strong commitment to maintaining and improving the environment.

“A further £3m and £1.6m respectively, will contribute to our city centre refurbishment works and the exciting development of campus facilities on Skylon Park. The historic core of Hereford will benefit, with investment to ensure the city is a vibrant and attractive place to work and visit, creating new opportunities for businesses and retailers, and raising the profile of the city as a tourist destination. Skylon Park, meanwhile, is a pivotal component of NMiTE and the additional funding will speed up the delivery of over 100 new jobs and cutting edge learning opportunities for 200 new learners.

“The investment is great news for our local economy which, like the rest of the country, is still working hard to mitigate and overcome the impact of Covid-19.”



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