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Queenswood Parking Scam


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I  am surprised there are no complaints about Queenswood parking fines on here, possible because a lot of tourists are caught out by this scam.


I recently received a Parking charge notice for failing to pay £1.50 for 40 minutes parking.  The parking charge amount due is £100.
I checked Tripadvisor.co.uk, since September 2019  Queenswood has received 27 complaints about parking fines out of 35 reviews, most that complained also said they would never visit again.

I wrote to Queenswood to ask if they would consider cancelling the fine, they haven’t replied.  
How can this situation be ignored?  Frightening off tourists who will spend their money at places that welcome them, not Hereford.  It’s a disgrace, I felt ashamed to be Herefordian when reading the comments about why people were fined.  In my own case I went for a quick walk alone during Coronavirus lockdown, avoiding all the runners and cyclists in town.  I thought it was public land , the leaflet I received with the parking charge states it is retained in public ownership through Herefordshire Council  and leased to the 2 charities for 99 years. As such I assumed that using a parking machine was a health hazard and was the same as city parking machines. The place was closed and deserted. I tried to pay by phone but the location number was not accepted. This is not the way to encourage tourists to visit!  Who should I write to who would be more interested  in promoting Hereford instead  of grabbing money and scamming tourists

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