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Oval Regeneration update

Colin James

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For the last 15 months Herefordshire Housing has been talking to the residents of the flats in The Oval area, to inform and update them on the progress of Herefordshire Housing’s plans to transform the Oval area. This started in April 2009, when a questionnaire was sent to all residents of the Oval area, asking for their views on what they thought of the area, what they liked/didn’t like, what they thought would improve the area, and what they thought of their current properties.

The replies were for the most part very positive, people like the area, and feel a strong sense of community, but many felt that there was little in the way of activities or facilities, particularly for young people.

In May of 2009 a steering group was set up for the purpose of overseeing the project on behalf of the community, and to act as the main strategic driver for the Oval community Plan, the group is made up of tenant representatives, local councillors, Newton Farm Community Association and representatives of Herefordshire Housing, the group is chaired by Rev Clive Evans. Herefordshire Housing in partnership with the steering group has also organised two family fun events at the Three Counties Hotel in Oct 2009 and on 2nd June 2010 as a thank you to the community for their support and involvement in the ongoing process.

In January of 2010 Herefordshire Housing was able to present the options for the Oval area, and following an exhibition and later face to face interviews with residents, the overwhelming feeling was that they would like to see all the blocks knocked down and replaced with new housing, 99% of residents questioned also said that they would like to see a community centre or hub that can cater for all sorts of community activities and a place where various local organisations could be based.

So what happens next? Herefordshire Housing are currently discussing with the Diocese the St Francis site on Goodrich Grove, where we are hoping to site the community hub, the next step is to discuss funding for the regeneration project with the Homes and Communities Agency, we are already in discussion with the planning Dept, and hope to have some design ideas to show the community later in the year, although we do not envisage any building work on new housing to start until 2012 at least.

The project is still in it's infancy as yet, but we have high hopes for it's success.

If you have any queries or would like any further info Please contact Herefordshire Housing Neighbourhood Officer Peter Grayer on 01432 346092

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Would be great to see this happen, just hope the latest budget does not put this plan back or curtail it in anyway.


I agree, as that would be a shame, The Oval is in need of this, it really is and it would be nice to see it happen but I fear that you may be right with Government cuts.

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