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New 'Super Green' Clinic opens in Herefordshire

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New 'Super Green' Clinic opens in Herefordshire


A new ‘Super Green’ Clinic has recently opened at Sarum House Surgery, Hereford for people across the county who have been identified as at increased risk of hospitalisation, should they contract Coronavirus. These people are known as ‘Shielded patients’ and will have received letters advising them to stay at home and avoid face-to-face contact with others for at least 12 weeks. 

The new Super Green Clinic is a nurse-led service, staffed by practice nurses and healthcare assistants from across the county. It is being led by Sister Deborah Suer, an experienced practice nurse from St Katherine’s Surgery Ledbury. As well as a physical clinic, a Super Green service will also be made available in their homes for housebound shielded patients, in collaboration with the district nursing team. 

The Super Green service offers a safe environment for shielded patients to receive non-COVID related interventions, such as medication, blood tests and essential injections. It complements other GP-led services available throughout the county during the pandemic and forms part of a carefully planned strategy coordinated by all 20 Herefordshire GP surgeries and Taurus Healthcare. 

Sister Suer says:


“The Super Green Clinic nursing team are excited by the new challenge and are committed to delivering high quality care. We understand the worries being felt by this particularly vulnerable group and have implemented a rigorous cleaning schedule at the Clinic. In addition, the nursing team are being extremely vigilant with regard to their own and their patients’ protection from the virus.”

The first patients to have used the Super Green Clinic have so far given positive feedback. One lady commented:


“It was a very safe environment”, whilst another said: “Thank you. You are truly wonderful and I will be clapping for you all on Thursday evening”.

Shielded patients who need nursing interventions such as a blood test or injection should telephone their GP Surgery, who will then refer them to the Super Green service. 


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