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Jobs reinstated at Vision Gelpack Ltd

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JOBS have been reinstated at Gelpack just three months after 175 staff were told to go home as the company went into administration.

The Visionscape Group brought the company in September and have now reinstated 50 jobs, with a further 20 positions planned by mid-2018.
The company now named Vision Gelpack Ltd is under the leadership of managing director Geoff Davis.

He said: “I am especially delighted that we have been able to restore production and employment at our Grandstand Road plant so quickly.
“I am also excited by the many new opportunities that the Visionscape Group represents, with its global closed loop philosophy, which ensures that the recovery opportunities for each product are fully maximized.”
Vision Gelpack manufactures polyethylene films, liners and sacks for the local authority, waste management, janitorial, clinical and medical and other industrial sectors.
“We are excited to welcome Vision Gelpack to the Visionscape Group," said Harry Ackerman, executive director at Visionscape. “With over four decades in profitable business, Vision Gelpack was a great strategic fit for us and value-added on all sides. We have made an excellent investment and Vision Gelpack’s established reputation will enable Visionscape to provide a more comprehensive range of services and solutions to the millions in the markets we operate.”
Visionscape is a global environmental utility group providing turnkey solutions in areas of sanitation, energy and waste water treatment. The company aims to reinvent waste management processes, specific to emerging markets, utilising cutting-edge technology and tools to address the waste management needs of megacities. Visionscape also offers services for commercial, residential, industrial, and healthcare clients.
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