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Bags Of Help

Colin James

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Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help initiative across England and Wales. The scheme will see three community projects awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge. Herefordshire Housing’s Playground Project has been lucky enough to have been chosen as 1 of the 3 community projects to benefit, in Herefordshire.



Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s 390 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the five pence charge levied on single use carrier bags. The public will now be able to vote in store from the 27th February until 6th March on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 or £8,000 awards.
The Herefordshire Housing Playground Project will involve building a brand new play area alongside the newly renovated Newton Farm Skate Park, to create a new focal point for the whole community.
The renovated skate park already has social seating installed and Herefordshire Housing are looking at making it an area for the whole community to enjoy – the award from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme will help to pay for a new playground to be installed, for all ages and abilities.
So please pop along to your local Tesco store and vote for Herefordshire Housing between the 27th February and the 6th March!
For more information check out the Tesco official website here: www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp
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